Barrel-Leg Jeans: Your Guide To The On-Trend Denim Silhouette

Barrel-leg jeans are the closet staple you need to have. For those who have never seen them before, barrel-leg jeans are known for their very loose fit around the legs, which sharply tapers in at the ankles. What makes these jeans so unique is that their shape allows a level of whimsey to the outfit, while still allowing individuals to create a polished look for themselves. With celebrities like Yara Shahidi flaunting the style, as well as the jeans being shown all over TikTok, this is clearly going to be one of the denim trends you'll want to rock in 2023.

This new silhouette also poses a unique problem, and people are stumped on how to style the denim. However, despite popular belief, these are one of the easiest types of jeans to style and could be used in almost anything. Since denim is everywhere this season, we at Glam created a small guide to help you look your best in barrel-leg jeans.

Create your best pastel look

With spring upon us, it's the perfect time to incorporate pastels into your outfit. Wearing pastel barrel-cut jeans adds an extra flare due to their color, and makes it easy to stand out in front of the crowd. Pair it with other pastels to create the perfect look for the season.

Highlight the silhouette with a simple T-shirt

These jeans look too good to hide away in your closet. Instead, highlight its high waist and intricate design by pairing it with a plain shirt tucked into the jeans. This creates a clean, upscale look that puts the full focus on your new jeans.

Add your favorite blazer

If the weather is cool where you are, you can still wear your barrel-leg jeans with style. Add your favorite blazer to the mix, to not only keep you cute but comfortable as well. To highlight the shape of the jeans, add a belt or leave the blazer open to show the full effect of the outfit.

Dress it up with a blouse

If you are going out to an event, you can still show off your new pair of barrel-leg jeans. Add a fun blouse that has different patterns and textures to create added interest to the outfit. For shoes add heels or boots to highlight the tapered ankle of the jeans.