Denim Is Everywhere This Season - And It's Come For Your Manicure

Denim has been a trendy piece now more than ever. Even though it's been around for decades, we've been seeing the fashionistas bring back long denim skirts (with which some people have a love-and-hate relationship). They're perfect for when the days are at the in-between stage of being cold in the morning and warmer in the afternoon. You have a skirt that's long enough to cover your legs, and you can style it with a more revealing top and open-toed shoes, like wedges or sandals. However, if you're not on board with the maxi denim skirt trend, there is room on the denim scale for everyone. You might love straight-leg or wide-leg jeans or a mini denim skirt and a jean jacket.

While denim has been a fashion highlight, it's also made its way into the manicure world. As a result, denim nails have become a fun spring and summer style that you'll want to ask for at your next nail appointment. The manicure style is simple to recreate; use any blue-toned polish you have to paint your nails and top it off with a matte top coat for an ultimate denim look. Here are a few ways to achieve the denim manicure.

Classic matte denim

For a subtle touch of denim, use a medium blue polish for a classic denim look and use a matte top coat to give it the dry, rigid effect denim jeans have when you first buy a pair. This blue shade resembles what you think most denim clothes look like. In addition, it's light enough to contrast darker denim you might wear in the summer, and dark enough to contrast lighter shades, like periwinkle blue. If you don't like the matte finish, opt for a glossy top coat to make your nails shine.

Shimmery light washed denim

If you enjoy something more sparkly, try a shimmery blue polish like this dusty blue tone with shimmery gray specks. It gives the illusion of light-wash denim that's perfect for summer and pairs beautifully with silver jewelry like rings or bracelets. Your hands will stand out anywhere you go, stopping people in their tracks to ask you what nail polish you're wearing. On the other hand, you can show off the dusty blue with lighter colors, such as white tops and light-wash denim shorts.

Calming blues

Another great light-wash denim polish is this calming blue shade that brings a feeling of serenity to your mind when you look at it. You can create a monochromatic look and wear the polish with a gray-blue tank top and light-wash jeans. Or, opt for something more chic, such as a long denim skirt, a white tube top, and sandals. In addition, blue nail polish and silver jewelry are a match made in heaven, so you can wear your favorite pieces with any outfit.

Denim cornflower blue

If you're not into the dark shades of blue, try a slightly lighter shade that's authentic blue denim and the color of the ocean. There's nothing more relaxing than being at the beach and taking a stroll in your favorite jeans. On the other hand, add a design or two to make the blue more fun so it isn't too simple. This is one shade you'll want to wear all summer long. You can mix and match the tone with other colors, like green and yellow, for an earthy vibe.

Baby blue denim

Baby blue has always been a staple color for spring and summer because it's light and bright. It reminds us of a pair of bleach denim jeans with the same light wash effect. Plus, it's dreamy in the way that the sky looks just as the sun rises. You can showcase your nails with flirty pastel colors in your outfit. For example, try your staple denim jeans with a bubblegum pink cropped top to complement your nails. You'll radiate glam throughout the summer.