French-Girl Style Doesn't Have To Be Boring - How To Inject Color In Your European-Inspired Wardrobe

Parisian street style is famously fond of neutrals and notoriously stingy with color. It's a style that seems to emulate its environments, full of beige architecture and grey streets, and, therefore, leaves little to no space for color — at least as far as day-to-day outfits go. But when the occasion arises to throw on some color and embrace that joie de vivre Europeans love to speak of, the French do it better than most. When Parisians choose to wear color, they mean business — or rather the opposite of business — and we celebrate it by taking inspiration from it. We're here to prove that incorporating color into a Parisian-inspired wardrobe isn't hard. Once you understand the base of a neutrally chic outfit, anything goes.


This is why we studied the wardrobes of Parisian and Paris-based influencers who are used to incorporating color sparingly and to their advantage. Here are six colors and how women wear them on the streets of Paris.

Petal pink

To make a smooth landing of your wardrobe on firmly Parisian land and get away with some color, subtlety is key. Pastel hues, like baby pink, are perfect for transitioning a look from Euro-casual to flirty and French. Maintain the allure by choosing one pastel item and pairing it with traditionally Parisian elements, such as a perfectly-fitting pair of jeans or a classic quilted purse.


Eden Morrissey, a British influencer living in Paris, maintains her characteristic feminine touch by incorporating elements of petal pink into her Parisian wardrobe, as seen in the above photo. La vie en rose, indeed.

Pastel yellow

Keeping with the softness of pastels, a subtle pop of yellow instantly brightens any Parisian-inspired outfit. Build the base of your outfit with neutral hues of beige, brown, blue, or black. Then introduce a yellow accessory — a fun hat, shoes, or purse — to break up the monotony of the clothes and their surroundings. The streets of Paris can always use a little extra sunshine.


Paris-based influencer Emmanuelle Koffi incorporates this perfect pastel yellow color in small doses, as seen above. Koffi sticks mainly to her browns and beiges and accessorizes with a little yellow handbag. Chic, yet understated.

Barbie pink

It's undeniably the year of Barbie pink, and we wouldn't have it any other way — neither would French girls, apparently. Prepare to see shades of pink and fuchsia all over Paris and to take major inspiration for your own closet. 


In this photo, Parisian it-girl and TikToker Marie Gaguech wears a statement outfit rather than a simple statement piece. It's pink all around for the French influencer, who wears pink sweatpants, earmuffs, and handbag. The pièce de résistance? A Barbie pink trench coat, so get as much pink clothing as you desire, and add pink blush to your cheeks, too.

Pop of purple

Speaking of colors that make a statement — purple reigns supreme. Purple's royal aura and elegant range of hues attract French fashionistas like no other, making it an essential addition to your European wardrobe. Purple, in its darker shades, couldn't be more perfect to spice up a darkly neutral ensemble. 


Franny Fyne, beauty and lifestyle creator, knows this better than anyone. She takes advantage of a pop of purple with an all-black 'fit, elevated regally by a purple long-sleeved t-shirt, as seen in this photo. Thinking of wearing all-black? Swap out one or two pieces for purple ones instead, and violà.

Ruby red

If we had to credit anyone with the sultry red lip, it would be French women. They knew the power of red well before we did, and we're forever grateful. A single red detail to draw the eye where it needs to go is all one needs — unless you want to truly wow a room, in which case you might deck yourself out in red.


Maria Bernad, Paris-based designer and stylist, goes for the wow factor in the photo above. Bernad looks stunning in a sheer wine-red dress from her brand, Les Fleurs, and the perfect sultry red lip in just the right tone.

Sky blue

Darker shades of blue might already be on your Parisian inspo board, but have you considered sky blue? Paris can be lacking in color sometimes, but the blue of its skies peeking out through its majestic architecture can be mesmerizing. Why not channel that feeling through your outfits? French girls do. A matching set in baby blue can be toned down with minimal jewelry and a small handbag.


In this photo, French-American dream girl and actress Lily-Rose Depp wears a blue matching Chanel set. She pairs it with a black handbag of the same brand for a signature French touch.