Structured Tube Tops: The Trendy Summer Look Leaning Into Minimalist Beauty

Tube dresses are the '90s trend making a comeback in 2023, and tube tops are having an even more significant revival. Tube tops are the tank alternatives you can wear any way, so get ready to see a lot of shoulders in addition to belly buttons!

While you may have thought these strapless garments saw the end of their days in the spotlight after the early 2000s, we all know that previously out-of-style Y2K trends are experiencing second waves in the 2020s, so it's not surprising that the tube style is coming back into the fashion world with no apologies at all.

Before you panic as you start thinking that the only tube tops are garments that look like they jumped out of an early 2000s Britney Spears music video, remember that as these trends come back, they get updated. So, like many other trends returning from an era of supermodels, diet culture, sassy movie characters, and catchy pop music, tube tops are more practical and versatile in 2023 than they were in their first wave of trendiness.

Stick with a solid neutral color

Some people think Y2K-style tube tops appear a bit tacky, but the tube tops those people think of are typically blinding neon, with ultra-glittery designs covered in sassy words or graphics. There's nothing wrong with those early 2000s movie-like tube tops, but if you want a more classy, minimalist look, you'll likely be pleasantly surprised by how elegant a simple black or white tube top can appear.

Opt for a monochromatic look

If you want an even more minimalistic vibe, rock a solid color tube top that matches the hue of your pants, shorts, or skirt for a super cohesive ensemble. For example, a black tube top with black jeans, leggings, or trousers and black accessories will look sleek and expensive, even if you didn't spend too much on the garments.

Don't be afraid to add more layers

Again, this isn't a repeat of the early 2000s — even if that is the decade that inspired the returning trend — so your tube top doesn't have to be the focal point of your outfit. If you're wearing a minimalist solid neutral tube top, it might benefit your look to layer pieces for unlimited outfit building and incorporate more dimension by adding an open button-down top or kimono over the tube-style garment.

Double-check that it fits your body

One point to remember regarding tube tops: Getting the precise fit is a must. Strapless garments have a greater chance of falling off than other tops because of the lack of support, so if you try on a tube top that feels too big, don't buy it for those obvious reasons. Moreover, trying to squeeze into a too-tight tube top is a habit that died in the early 2000s, so don't repeat that behavior in 2023. Just try to find a flattering, comfortable tube top, and you'll likely love it.

Wear it during any season with successful styling

Of course, tube tops are typically summer and spring garments — ideal for warm, hot, sunny days or sweaty nights out. But if you get clever with your styling techniques, you can wear minimalistic tube tops any time of the year. For instance, consider wearing it under a chic blazer during the fall or over a long-sleeve sweater during the winter for a stylish layered look.

Tube tops are for all bodies

Sorry — not sorry — to all the famous Y2K movie mean-girl characters we grew up watching, but in 2023, everyone can wear tube tops. It was frustrating to see only one body type flaunting these garments in the early aughts, but those size-related expectations are over, and we love to see all body types rocking tube tops today.

Show off your favorite statement jewelry

Since tube tops don't have straps to interfere with your accessories, these garments provide the perfect opportunities to wear as much bold jewelry as you want. So, show off a chunky statement necklace, daring long earrings, a bunch of bracelets — or all of the above — to elevate your tube top-featuring ensemble.