How To Fake A Brow Lamination At Home (It's So Easy)

In case it hasn't become obvious, brows are definitely having their moment in the beauty sphere right now! Perhaps long overdue, taking proper care of your brows and flaunting them as a fashion piece are trends that are hopefully here to stay. From microblading to threading to lamination, there are numerous procedures and treatments available for your brows at typically lofty price tags. The good news is that there's an extremely easy way to fake your own DIY brow lamination at home!

Women's Health reports that eyebrow lamination is at the top of the trend game so far this year, outdoing brow trends like bleaching and colorful dye treatments. It's akin to getting a perm on your eyebrows, though instead of obtaining curls, the result is fuller eyebrows that perfectly highlight your face. Whether you opt for colorful brows or stick with your natural hue, incorporating DIY lamination into your beauty wellness routine can keep your brows fluffed and full at all times. You can achieve the optimally luminous lamination look in a set of quick steps that will ultimately leave your brows cleansed and hydrated: two beauty elements that will never go out of style. Even better is that you won't have to spend more than a few dollars to have beautiful brows!

Clean your brows to create a clear palette

Think of your brows as your version of an artist's canvas, which you'll use to create the perfect brow masterpiece. To obtain an at-home brow lamination effect instead of purchasing an expensive treatment at a salon, the first step is to cleanse your palette to have a fresh slate. L'Officiel reports that traditional eyebrow lamination involves the use of chemical treatment solutions to manipulate eyebrow hairs into becoming thinner and curate the overall brow's layout to appear smoother than before. The result brow artists want is the appearance of eyebrows that look theatrically full and naturally arched. Whether you're someone who tries to avoid synthetic chemical treatments in your beauty routine, or you're looking for a cheaper, time-saving option, you can begin your DIY at-home brow lamination look by thoroughly cleaning the area around your brows.

Should you have a spoolie brush on hand, you can use the tool to push your eyebrow hairs up and out as you gently wash them with soap and water. Another DIY hack if you don't have a spare fresh spoolie brush on hand is to take the applicator brush from an old tube of mascara, clean all of the mascara and product off, and then use the cleansed brush to fluff up your brows for a simplified illusion of having had your eyebrows professionally laminated. 

Look for fluffy brow gels

You may not have to go any further than your bathroom cabinet to locate products which can give your brows a perfectly luminous lamination appearance. L'Officiel shares that brow gels can become multi-purpose products given that they can mold and hold hairs in specific directions, even those eyebrow hairs that are the most petulant about wanting to dart in unwanted directions, and the spoolie brush which accompanies many brow gels can be used to give eyebrows extra fluff as you style.

The EveryGirl recommends looking for brow and even eyelash products that promote a phrase along the lines of "with lamination effect" to ensure that the product you're using for a brow lamination illusion will hold up to the task. You may also come across brow gels that promote volumizing effects, volumization of brows, or advertisements to fluff brows, which often carry the same benefits as gels which explicitly market lamination effects. 

Fortunately, many products with wording that promises lamination effects do live up to their promotional phrasing, though it may realistically take some trial and error to find the cosmetic or beauty product that works best for your brows when creating an at-home appearance of brow lamination.

Perm products can make for straightforward DIY brow lamination

A perm product meant for eyebrows, usually found within a DIY lamination kit, can be a seamless and straightforward way to create DIY brow lamination, Nicky Lashes reports. Especially if you're someone who likes to have clearly articulated and explicitly laid out instructions, utilizing a relaxer could be your magic wand for inexpensive brows that are full, fluffy, and fabulous!

Upon commencing the use of an at-home brow treatment kit, you'll likely be instructed to wash your eyebrow area with soap and water, then apply a form of moisture protection like Vaseline. After moisturizing and cleansing the area, some at-home kits may involve the use of an adhesive and brush combination to secure the placement of individual eyebrow hairs in a singular, uniformed direction. Since lamination focuses on making brows look more voluminous and eyebrow hairs synchronous, adhesives in relaxer can take on the same effects as the chemical treatment solutions used during professional brow lamination sessions. 

The core of a DIY brow lamination kit is perm solution, sometimes called perm lotion, followed by a fix lotion and finally by a nourishing lotion or form of moisturizing gel like Vaseline, oil, or aloe. 

Vaseline can work wonders

Another household item you likely already have lying around somewhere, and which can be used for a professional lamination illusion, is Vaseline. The inexpensive product can be used to give brows shape, direction, and a fluffier, fuller appearance, per L'Officiel. To save even more money on your at-home brow lamination illusion, opt for the generic version of petroleum jelly or a similar product like aloe vera gel. Apply a very small amount of the product onto each eyebrow using either your fingers to spread the gel evenly across the hairs, or bringing out the good ol' spoolie brush again to fluff as you even out the product across your brows. 

Use the molding facet of Vaseline or a similar gel to sculpt the arch of your brows into your preferred shape and angle, then leave the area alone to allow the gel to secure a hold on your eyebrow hairs for several minutes. After you're satisfied with your brows, very gently take a small amount of water and carefully brush it through each brow to separate any hairs that have become intertwined or stuck together by the gel. The end result will be eyebrows that are arched, smoothed over, and have a sheen to them from the shimmer of the petroleum jelly.

If you accidentally use too much Vaseline on your brows or dislike the petroleum jelly's sticky texture, the product quickly comes off with soap and water.

Considerations for creating at-home lamination looks

With a variety of options for at-home brow lamination looks, you can most definitely achieve the volume, shape, arch, and sleek appearance of laminated eyebrows without changing out of your coziest loungewear. After deciding on the method of your choice to mimic brow lamination, there are some safety considerations you should keep in mind.

Perhaps most imperative is that you should always adhere to the set time of product application given by the instructions on any at-home brow treatment kit. TikTok user @ennyfome emphasizes that perm and relaxation gel should never be left on brows for longer than four minutes, unless the instructions state otherwise. Test a minuscule amount of the kit's products on a portion of your skin at least a day beforehand to make certain you don't have any sensitivities or develop adverse reactions before applying the solution to your entire eyebrow area.

No matter your method of choice, Healthline advises cultivating a habit of routinely moisturizing your eyebrows and surrounding skin with a hydrating product like moisture-rich oil or gel. If your eyebrows or eye area become red, itchy, or irritated, stop the use of products and speak with a medical professional.