How To Rock The Cali Twist, The Updo You'll Be All About On Hot Days

Summer is the season to be carefree, and while we try to be, it's hard to throw caution to the wind with our hair. Hair is very personal, and while many may be okay with simply brushing it and walking out the door, others are not. Thankfully, this summer, there is an effortless hairstyle that crosses the tousled "London hair" updo and the classic French twist for a chic yet casual "I woke up like this" appearance.

The Cali twist is a more laidback version of the French twist. In general, it is created similarly to a French twist with less attention to detail. The internet's current favorite it-girl, Sofia Richie, recently wore the effortless French twist style.

When asked how it was created, her hairstylist Kathleen Riley told Glamour, "I twisted all the hair and pinned it up. I then took the loose part at the top and twisted it again to make it look like a twist/bun combo. It's a tough one to describe, but it's easier than it looks." If you are looking to rock the carefree Cali twist updo this summer, we have curated eight easy looks to recreate it. 

Front-and-center tendrils

To add to the overall messiness of the look, ensure that you leave some front tendrils out of the twist. The style works particularly well if you have shorter layers in the front of your hair or curtain bangs. This enhances the carefree feel of the look — plus, leaving tendrils out of any updo is a great way to frame your face.

Pretty additions

For occasions that deserve an extra special touch, add flowers or clips that amplify the Cali twist. Floral details are always a fun summer addition to hair, while pearls are a great option for wedding hairstyles. Hairstylist Julia Sorenson showcased how pearls instantly elevated her clients' boho Cali twist in an Instagram post.

Into a ponytail

If you are not ready to commit to a full Cali twist but are still looking to get on the trend this summer, try out a twisted ponytail. This combines a French twist with a loose and casual ponytail. Simply start twisting your hair the same as you would when completing a traditional Cali twist, but instead of pulling all the ends of your hair up into the twist, leave them loose and tie them back with a hair tie.

Secured with a claw clip

Claw clips are easily the trendiest summer accessory, so why not add them to your messy Cali twist updo? Instead of the elegance that typically comes with the floating appearance of the updo, add a casual twist with an everyday claw clip. Use a flower-shaped claw clip for the ultimate summer vibe.

Beautiful mess

When it comes to the Cali twist updo, the messier, the better — so it's no surprise that some people go for the extra messy look. To give the appearance of "mess" and "carefree" to your Cali twist, try pulling out plenty of extra tendrils, allowing stray strands to stick out of the twist, and not worrying about the bottom pieces hanging out of the look.

XL twist

If you are looking for a large and in-charge hairstyle, look no further than a super volumized Cali twist. Whether or not you have lots of hair, you can easily make your carefree Cali twist bigger by pulling on the strands of hair in each direction once they are in place.

Curly twist for texture

If you have naturally curly hair, you are in luck, as this hairstyle often looks elevated on curly hair! Curls add texture and volume to the stray tendrils and strands, which amplifies the overall appearance of the look. Of course, non-curly girls can also get this texture, but they must first curl their hair (reach for a triple barrel waver for the ultimate beachy Cali twist look).

Half-up, half-down twist

Another style for those who cannot commit to the full Cali twist is the half-up, half-down version. Simply do the same steps as a traditional Cali twist, but only to the top layer of your hair. To keep the look tousled, we recommend doing this on already curled hair and leaving stray tendrils out to frame the face.