Watercolor Tears: The Eyeshadow Trend Giving Crying A Couture Upgrade

Something about the spring and summer air makes fashion and beauty so exciting. It might be the sun setting later, the flowers blooming, or the warmer weather that brings out the brighter hues in our daily looks. But even if you don't enjoy dressing up in colorful tones, there's always a way to incorporate them. For example, the watercolor tears makeup trend lets us add a fun twist to our eyeshadow by highlighting the inner third of our eyes with some color. It looks gorgeous with a natural makeup look, especially when you prefer lighter makeup. However, it also elevates a full glam face. So, you get the best of both worlds.

Creating a full glam eyeshadow look can be challenging, so this watercolor tears trend is the perfect spring and summer look. You don't have to be a makeup artist to partake in the trend. It's simple to accomplish; all you have to do is dab your eyeshadow color on the inner corners of your eyes, take it up a little on the side of your nose, blend it with a brush, and watch the color pop. Here are a few inspirational ideas you can do on your next makeup day.

Opt for a pop of yellow

If you enjoy a subtle makeup look, add a pop of color to your inner corners with yellow. The bright yellow makes the brown eyes stand out. The neutral eyeshadow is the ideal base for any bright tone, so you can switch the yellow for pink, blue, purple, etc., to match your outfit. To simplify this eye, sweep your bronzer over your eyelid and blend it instead of adding a dark shadow.

Orange meets shimmer

A shimmery eye look is everything in the summer; it adds a touch of girliness and flirtiness to any outfit. Sometimes the shimmer can be overpowering, so adding orange in the inner corners is effortless to balance a glittery look. Moreover, doing a bold eye look with lip gloss can elevate a neutral base. You'll want to keep the blush on the lighter side to prevent having too much color in the same area.

Be bold with pink

For a soft glam look, use pink everywhere, like in your inner corners and cheeks, to create a cohesive look. You can keep the eyes easy with a winged liner and a tiny touch of glitter on the water line, but let the watercolor pink steal the show. In addition, wear pink or clear lip gloss to spruce the appeal. If you have pink lip gloss, you can use it in your beauty routine outside the ordinary, like as an eyeshadow.

Add a touch of gold

There's nothing better than incorporating gold into your everyday looks, like this gorgeous green and purple eyeshadow with gold specks. While the eyeshadow colors don't necessarily reach a third into the inner corners, the gold foil leading to the side of the bridge makes up for it. The entire look is elegant and chic, especially with the white liner on the water line. Plus, the purple and gold gems on the side make this eye makeup look ethereal.