Tie-Dye Nails: The Summer Camp-Inspired Trend Your Inner Child Will Love

Remember the first time you experienced the joy of creating your very own unique tie-dye shirt at summer camp or on the last day of school? The marvelous fact that no two shirts ever turn out exactly alike just never gets old. Now, you can relive that childhood wonder and soothe your inner child's soul by embracing one of summer 2023's most nostalgic nail trends: tie-dye nails.

Just like tie-dye shirts, tie-dye nails can be created in an endless variety of patterns and color combinations. When you add in the possibility of opting for accent nails and bonus nail art, the chances of achieving a truly unique manicure that you won't end up seeing on anyone else's nails this summer skyrockets. If you're not afraid of color and like to stand out from the crowd, this year's tie-dye nails trend is for you. Check out the following examples of gorgeous tie-dye nails to find the perfect starting point for your new summer mani.  

Neon tie-dye

A classic tie-dye T-shirt features bright, neon colors (that perfectly apply with 2023's neoncore trend) applied to strategic folds to create a stunning pattern. Neon tie-dye nails create the same effect without the risk of your colors blending together in ways you didn't intend. Choose whichever colors you like — just make them bright for the most traditional tie-dye feel.

Pastel tie-dye

If you were always a fan of a more muted tie-dye T-shirt experience, you can easily translate that preference to your tie-dye manicure. Since every primary color is available in a variety of shades and saturations, you can still feature all the same colors of classic tie-dye — just as pretty pastels

Tie-dye accents

If a full set of bright, vibrant tie-dye nails feels like a bit too much for your grown adult self, consider adding a couple of tie-dye accent nails to a solid-color manicure instead. Pairing the spirit of nostalgic tie-dye with a more mature summer color can allow you to rock the best of both worlds. 

Tie-dye stilettos

Are you all for taking every bold trend to its absolute limit? Bright, neon tie-dye nails in an attention-grabbing stiletto shape is the summer 2023 manicure for you. These nails don't just look fierce; they're also excellent for tapping against your empty glass when you're ready for someone to bring you another umbrella drink. 

Sunset tie-dye

Is there anything that can beat the experience of watching a summer sunset after a day of making memories in the balmy weather? You can pay homage to the summer sunset and embrace the tie-dye nails trend at the same time with a tie-dye manicure in warm sunset colors.

Peachy tie-dye

Calling all sherbet fans! Add a peachy-toned tie-dye nail or two to your orange sherbet manicure to look like a walking ice cream truck (in the cutest way possible). Or, go all out with the sweet, warm peach tie-dye look on every nail. Enjoy summer while it lasts in whichever way feels best to you.