Enter Baggy Trousers: The Trendy Mix Between Quiet Luxury And Cool Girl Style

Do you ever wonder what's the secret to looking both cool and fancy without sacrificing the comfort of pants? Because, if we're honest, it seems our skinny jeans and athleisure leggings do nothing to elevate our looks and do more to dampen our style. You can easily ruin perfectly good outfits simply by wearing the wrong type of pants. The good news? Not all pants do this. In fact, it seems that tight pants often perform badly, with their outdated discomfort and unflattering shape. So, let's focus instead on baggy pants, which are now everywhere.


More and more, fashion is shifting in favor of the baggy, oversized fit. It appears that elegance and modernity no longer demand dresses and skirts, or even elegant footwear, but rather baggy trousers and confidence. The essence of quiet luxury and cool-girl style come chiefly from within, but can we be faulted for wanting to accentuate it with the right pair of pants?

The baggy jean

The most common cool-girl pant is the baggy jean. Skinny jeans are out, loose denim is in, and who can complain? More room for food and air is always good. Plus, the baggy dad fit is fun to style.

If you feel that more fabric does you a disservice, pairing your loose-fit jeans with a tighter blouse to accentuate your figure is one way to rock baggy jeans (though there are many ways to style them). Accessorizing with bows and ribbons helps bring some femininity and playfulness. And, to play along with the dad theme, we suggest sporty, cool, and comfy sneakers.


The baggy black trouser

Nothing conveys coolness and luxury better than a plain black trouser — except, perhaps, the perfect pair of sunglasses, but, thankfully, these two things aren't mutually exclusive. They actually pair perfectly together.


The next time you opt for black trousers, style them with as many cool-girl pieces from your closet as you can find, such as dark sunnies, a faux leather motorcycle jacket, and understated silver jewelry. These pieces were meant to go together without clashing, so don't worry about messing up the "quiet" part of the luxury. Finish off with a matching handbag, and voilà.

The edgy baggy fit

Baggy black trousers might lean more towards true understated luxury but can easily be given an edge. The loose-fitting black pant can be dressed down for street wear and dressed up and embellished for an edgier and more unexpected result perfect for any evening plan. Karaoke night with friends, anyone?


At times, personality in the form of peeking tattoos or brightly colored hair can be all it takes to amp up the coolness factor of a pair of black pants. Other times, accessorizing with visually interesting handbags or statement jewelry is necessary.

Baggy in color

Baggy trousers are typically styled with monotone and monochromatic outfits but not always. The baggy fit is color friendly, too. Though certain colors are more laid-back and "cooler" than others, choose wisely: Barbie pink will always be cool in our hearts but might not come across that way to everybody.


For an all-around relaxed baggy pant, choose muted hues and stick to earth tones. Green cargo pants are ideal for an off-duty adventurer vibe, while blues and grayish purples evoke the calming colors of the sky.

Baggy stripes

Shapes and patterns are not excluded from this minimalist approach to quiet luxury. After all, not every pattern is loud. The French do love their striped marinières, after all, and they're often lauded as the epitome of subtle elegance. The same forgiveness can extend to pants, especially striped ones.


To capture the comfort-forward elegance of a baggy pant while adding a pattern, keep the details simple. A flat-toned top that matches one of the colors of the pant — preferably the darker one for some dimension — as well as simple shoes and jewelry work best.

Baggy as true luxury

What defines quiet luxury and style is not strictly obvious to everyone. This style, first and foremost, is for the wearer to enjoy, and this might look different from person to person. These days, you might see a lot of ballet-inspired comfort being sold by luxury retailers to consumers in the form of ballet flats and leg warmers. Others might prefer the more classically luxurious loafer or Mary Jane shoes.


Whatever your definition of luxury, baggy pants are suited for it. Paired with patterned leather or vegan luxury alternatives, baggy pants never fail.