Watercolor Blush: The Viral Bold Makeup Look Perfect For Pride Month

As Pride Month enters its second week, there's still plenty of time left to celebrate the season with your best makeup takes. There's no shortage of inspiration available to draw from, but everyone wants to dress to impress, right? If you're looking for a new and unique look to wear during the month of June, you're in luck. Leave it to TikTok to come up with one of the most apt trends for Pride Month: watercolor blush.

Once a humble finishing touch, blush has grown to become the central component in virtually every makeup fan's beauty routine. Whether you prefer cream or powder formulas, it's an incredibly easy way to transform your aesthetic and give yourself a healthy-looking glow. In case you haven't gathered, watercolor blush is a far more colorful interpretation than your garden variety cheek stain. Using vivid brights or pastel hues, the style is a cinch to pull off — and it can even be customized to include some added dramatic flair. Ready to express your pride with the latest makeup trend? Here are some of the best watercolor blush designs to add to your pride collection of looks, from TikTok and beyond.

Soft rainbow watercolor Pride blush

Looking for a chic interpretation of watercolor blush? Look no further than TikToker @rheagensmith's Pride-inspired take on the makeup trend. Rheagen starts with a pale cream base and gently applies the product under the eyes with a beauty blender. Using a large, fluffy eyeshadow brush, the makeup artist softly sweeps a variety of rainbow eyeshadow shades across the undereye area. The makeup artist also adds a quick, timeless cat-eye using an angled brush and red eyeshadow. Finally, Rheagen ties the look together with 3D pearl freckles and Juvia's Place lashes.

'90s-inspired, Pride-ful watercolor blush

TikTok user @babyleska has perfected a '90s-inspired watercolor blush look for Pride with this ethereal interpretation. Using a combination of cream makeup products and bright pressed powders, they create a stunning technicolor base with little more than a round, fluffy brush. You could stop there, but the makeup artist elevates the look with the use of a white liquid liner, adding plush cartoon hearts and a dab of glitter for emphasis. If you so desire, you can swap out the hearts for stars, smileys, freckles, or any other design of your choice.

High-contour thermal watercolor Pride blush

We love an environmentally-conscious makeup look that doubles as an ode to Pride! Thanks to TikToker @contrashelby, you can create this thermal watercolor blush in just a few steps. Shelby begins by pressing a pink blush onto the cheeks and transforms the color into a thermal gradient with a few swirls of orange powder around it. Next, the makeup artist blends in a sunny yellow color to the upper cheekbone area, followed by a pale turquoise blue and a hint of purple on the temples. Shelby finishes the look with a pop of lip gloss and smoky liner, but you can always add your own personal touches.

Iridescent browbone watercolor blush for Pride

Is this watercolor blush or eyeshadow? Truth be told, it could be either, but we're willing to bet this iridescent look will net you tons of compliments regardless. TikTok user @Saarturnus starts things off with a cream eyeshadow base in white, drawing a crisp cut crease just under the brows, and blending out from the inner eyelid. Staying within the lines of the cut crease, they add delicate swirls of purple, teal, yellow, and coral shadows. For truly iridescent-looking results, be sure to include a glimmer of bright blue shadow on the lower lid!