What To Wear In The Summer When You're A Fall Girl At Heart

Parting ways with your cold-weather wardrobe — even if just for a few months — hurts. We know this feeling all too well. The long sleeves, sweaters, and boots all gone for the season — all the good outfits and their gorgeous layers seem to belong to the chill of fall, the crispness of winter, and even the freshness of spring, certainly not the sticky, sweaty heat of summer, where too much clothing can easily suffocate you and leave you a sweaty mess. 


But what, then, does a fall girl wear during the summer? How do we take the concept of cute clothes and carry it over to the hotter months without it melting away? Well, there's always the option to suit up but do away with the sleeves or to layer with thin and breathable materials. Below are just a few ideas to help our struggling fall weather girls out. So, if fall is your favorite season and you would love nothing more than to wear fall clothing year-round, this one's for you. 

Light layers

If we want to truly get to the core of fall fashion, we need to know what makes it so great. So, what's the defining characteristic of an autumnal outfit? Layers, of course! Those various articles of clothing placed one over the other artfully and thoughtfully for both warmth and stylishness is what it's all about. The more you feel that you're peeling clothes off like the layers of an onion at the end of the day, the cooler the outfit.


And, while it might seem counterproductive to layer up during the summer, we guarantee you that hot weather and layers aren't incompatible at all. Light summer layers are a thing, and we're glad. All you need to do is pick lighter, thinner fabrics and undo some buttons. For example, long flowy skirts look beautiful when paired with tank tops and unbuttoned blouses in place of a jacket. 

Blazers and summer suits

One thing a fall girl always has in her closet is a classic two-piece suit. Pant suit, skirt suit, short suit — a fall girl might have one or more of these types of suit in her collection, and she'll wear it everywhere. Suits are truly a closet staple for dressing yourself up or down, layering, or wearing on their own. From office-wear to streetwear, a good suit can achieve a lot and make you feel accomplished, too. 


During the summer, you're going to want to drop the layers that typically go with the suit. This means that, instead of going for a smart button-down shirt, you should consider a tank top or boyish undershirt for a fresh (and refreshing) take on this fall trend. And, if you dislike the length of pants during the summer, a pair of shorts or a skirt can easily replace them. A power suit doesn't lose any power by taking length away. We promise.

Vests and waistcoats

While we're on the topic of suits, let's talk summer vests. Waistcoats, sans shirt, are majorly trending among not only men but also women. That's right: The three-part men's suit trend has lost the jacket to become a two-parter again — and just in time for summer, too. Sleeves are way overrated anyway, and our arms appreciate the ventilation. 


Essentially, suit vests are a much breezier version of your typical suit with all the elegance and none of the stuffiness. Plus, little is needed to look cool in this trend — just a vest and matching bottoms, and you will be (literally) cool as a cucumber. But, if you want our advice, we suggest pairing this outfit with dark sunglasses, sandals, and an unexpected pop of color for your handbag (these are some you'll see everywhere in summer 2023). The sandals and sunnies will prevent you from looking like you're on a lunch break from your 9-5 (even if you are), and the handbag will be a reminder of summer's colorful trends.

Thin statement socks

The simplest and cutest tip to transition your fall clothing to the much warmer summer season is to wear socks — all types of socks but preferably ones that add to the outfit. For example, a miniskirt, which will be everywhere this fall, can always benefit from a Mary Jane shoe and knee-high socks combo, while your summer shorts might be missing the appeal of frilly socks peeking out from your walking shoes. The playfulness and stylishness of shoes go unacknowledged during the colder months, but they are criminally underrated during summer weather, and yet we never stop wearing them. So, let's start showing them off.


The next time you're wracking your brain thinking of ways to accessorize a bland summer outfit, think of your doubtlessly overflowing sock drawer. We know we're not the only ones hoarding cute socks. Pair them with short skirts, let them show out from underneath long skirts, or even style them with your evening wear. There is truly a sock for every occasion.