'Disconnected Cut': The Hair Trend Bringing Layers To Short Hair This Summer

The short hair trend continues as summer 2023 forges full steam ahead. There is no better time to try a short haircut than during a hot, sweaty, humid summer. If you're tired of peeling your limp, damp locks off your neck all summer long, it might be time to jump aboard the short hair train. One particularly easy, relatively low-maintained style has been dubbed the disconnected cut.

The disconnected haircut is a short, layered style that features longer, varied hair at the crown and very short or shaved hair underneath, as per Be Inspired Salon. It is basically a combination of two traditional haircut styles: a shift and an undercut. The result is a modern layered cut that is edgy but not too over the top. The abundance of layers also makes it easy to grow out if you decide you've had your fun and are ready to go back to a longer style. Check out these disconnected cuts for inspiration. 

Slicked back and two-toned

You might not think that short layers can represent summer the way long beachy waves can, but you're in for a surprise. A slicked-back disconnected cut with a few strands falling out of place here and there can have a very similar effect. Bleaching or highlighting the longer portion of the hair only adds to the seasonal affect, creating a strikingly sun-kissed look.

Extra shaggy layers

A disconnected cut is always full of short layers but the way you style your hair will determine how prominent those layers appear. While slicking the hair back blends your layers together and allows them to merely peek out here and there, tousling with a texturizing spray will bring all their choppy glory to the surface. 

Side part plus mega volume

If your hair tends to get heavy and weighed down when it's long, a disconnected cut could provide you with a chance to finally let your strands stand at full attention. Try a deep side part, some dry shampoo, and a dry texturizing spray to build a skyscraper of a swoop.

Asymmetrical disconnect

If you're torn when it comes to cutting your hair super short, consider combining a layered asymmetrical bob with an undercut to create a disconnected cut that still features a bit of length to play with. Maybe you'll eventually decide to go short all around, maybe you won't. Either way, you'll look good doing it.