Easy Hairstyles For An Effortless Morning Routine

No matter how good your sleep ritual is, it's sometimes hard to resist hitting the snooze button. And when catching up on zzz's sends you into panic mode, it's all too easy to neglect your hair in favor of other priorities. Of course, there are a few enduring styling options for those pressed for time. There's the barely-there blowout, the bumpy ponytail, and the veritable classic, still-wet, and shower-fresh hair that you hope to pass off as a fashion statement. 

Sound familiar? If so, don't worry. Glam has devised a handy list of styles to keep you looking your best. Even if you only have a few moments to spare each morning, you'll never have to settle for boring, basic, or blah hairdos again. Moreover, having great hair doesn't require a formal education or expensive products — in fact, most of these looks require little more than a regular hair tie and a brush. Ready to undergo your morning routine transformation?


Let's take a moment to appreciate the traditional ponytail. After all, just look at Ariana Grande, who's managed to make them her signature look. However, we'd be lying if we said we put as much effort into our own updos as Ariana Grande's hairstylist does for hers, especially on hectic mornings. Fortunately, Glam's model, Elise Walker, has an instant fix to cure your rushed-ponytail blues.

Next time you're tempted to throw your hair into a careless mid-morning ponytail, try this method instead. Start by smoothing your hair back with a paddle or boar bristle brush, gathering the length into a ponytail with a hair tie. With your ponytail secured, neatly remove one strand of hair and wind it around the hair tie. "You could also do a double strand for more volume, or you could braid the strand before wrapping it for an added touch," Walker suggests. Once you've fully enveloped the hair tie with your hair, grab a bobby pin and lock it into place. "For shorter hair, you may need to use multiple bobby pins to secure any flyaways when wrapping," adds Walker. All done! In just a few seconds, you've elevated your standard pony to entirely new heights.

Wrapped ponytail

The "wrapped ponytail" is one of our favorite methods for adding some serious wow factor in mere moments. Forget trendy weft extensions or sew-ins — this look can give you the appearance of extra-long hair without the expense or time spent waiting in the salon chair. And if you struggle to create a ponytail without bumps, don't fret. "You can leave the bumps for texture, or you can smooth them out with a brush prior to putting it in the ponytail," Walker explains.

The "wrapped ponytail" is a breeze, and Walker has a tip to give limp hair a lift before starting. "If you have flat or thin hair, start by adding dry shampoo and backcombing for added volume," Walker tells us. First, you'll want to section the hair just behind the ears to create a ponytail. Using the hair from the front left portion, bring it toward the back of your head, draping it over the right side of the ponytail. Next, use the right front section to do the same. After you've joined the two sections beneath the ponytail, grab a rubber band and tighten it around them. The finished product? Not one, but two stacked ponytails to style to your heart's content. Try adding some extra intrigue by gently fluffing or teasing the upper ponytail.

Half-up bun

The "half-up bun" is an excellent style for those facing a time crunch. With three straightforward steps, it's one of the fastest hairdos on our list, as well as one of the cutest. Plus, as a half-updo, it has the added benefit of showing off your hair length and statement earrings simultaneously.

Want to add the "half-up bun" to your morning beauty routine? To get started, use a comb or pick to part the hair in a horizontal line just above the ears. Take your favorite brush and smooth this section of hair toward the back of your head. From there, begin twisting the tresses into a bun until you've run out of hair. Like your bun on the extra fluffy side? "For more volume in the bun portion, tease with a comb before twisting. You could also fold the hair over and twist the hair around for a fuller bun," advises Walker. Finally, use a bobby pin or two to hold your bun together. If you find your hair is too thick for a bobby pin alone, Walker recommends using a rubber band instead. And for a fun variation on the "half-up bun," try parting the upper portion of your hair into two sections to create '90s-inspired space buns.

Messy bun

The origins of the "messy bun" are somewhat murky, but we like to think the style came from a very tired ballerina who woke up late for dance practice. Whatever the case may be, it's easy to craft this updo in seconds. No wonder this bun style is a worldwide favorite year-round. Before getting started, Walker suggests adding product to build the perfect foundation. "For fine, thin hair, dry shampoo or a texturizing powder will really help give it a boost. You can also apply dry shampoo to your roots and blow dry with a round brush for a more voluminous look," she tells us.

According to Walker, the fastest way to get a perfectly-perched "messy bun" is by gathering your hair the same way you would for a high ponytail. Using the "tail" of the hair, twist it together so it forms a bun. After you've achieved your desired shape, grab a hair tie to secure the bun firmly in place. Finally, you can use your fingers or a comb to fluff the bun or pull apart some face-framing tendrils. Now, all that's left to do is throw on a pair of ballet flats and leisurely sip your morning latte.

Wrap-around messy bun

Not content to sport the exact same style as your peers? We understand the need for individuality, and we've got your back. The "wrap-around messy bun" combines everything you love about a traditional messy bun with a few unconventional twists. Plus, it only takes a tiny bit more time than your standard messy bun.

To begin fixing your "wrap-around messy bun," gather all of your hair toward the back of your head. Take a hair tie and make one loop around the hair, creating a loose ponytail. Next, bring the hair through the hair tie once more, but stop just short of tying another ponytail. Instead, leave the half-tied hair as-is, resembling a floppy bun. With the leftover tail of your hair, wrap any remaining strands around the hair tie holding your bun together. For a more elaborate end result, Walker has an easy modification for this step. "If your hair is long enough, braiding the remaining strand before wrapping it could definitely elevate the look," she suggests. Got flyaway strands? Simply tuck them beneath your hair tie — no one will ever spot them.

Side braid

Braids may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to quick morning hairstyles, but they have a major benefit. Like any protective hairstyle, a well-crafted braid can stand the test of time. What's more, you don't have to be an expert braider to try your hand at this side braid style. "With French braids, practice makes perfect. Try to keep the sections tidy and pull them tight as you go to avoid any tangles or bumps," says Walker.

With the side braid style, you decide where you'd like to begin braiding. Start sectioning off a strand of hair on either side of your head, and divide this piece into three sections. These three sections will create your French braid. Alternate between the three strands to French braid the hair, making sure to keep your plaits nice and neat. Still, don't worry if a few pieces fall free from the main braid itself — Walker says these can help add texture. When you're satisfied with your braid, use a bobby pin to secure it behind your ear. If you'd like, you can lightly tease the hair around the bobby pin to camouflage it or cover it with a cute hair clip.

Upside-down bun

Have you really lived if you've never tried an "upside-down bun"? This topsy-turvy hairdo provides plenty of volume, but most importantly, it's super fun to style. Creating an "upside-down bun" is certainly easier with medium-to-long hair, but you can always experiment with the look if you have shorter hair, too.

Here's how to master this bun style in under a minute. First, sweep your hair back in the same way you would for a ponytail style. Next, flip your hair so that it settles toward the front of your head. You should have a loop of hair at this point, which you can secure with a hair tie to create a loosely folded bun. Now that your "upside-down bun" is in place, let any remaining hair drape gently around the sides of the bun. If you have a leftover strand or "tail" of hair, simply insert it into the hair tie to hide it. Lastly, Walker says "adding a little hair spray at the end may help" to tame flyaways and provide extra hold.