Quiet Luxury Pedi: The Trendy Feet Treatment All About Neutral Colors And Simple Designs

Simplicity can be so striking when incorporated into your everyday routine. When looking at celebrities like Sofia Richie and Gwyneth Paltrow, we see them embracing the subtle trend known as "quiet luxury." Quiet luxury is a form of minimalism that centers around investment pieces and thoughtful shopping. This can lead to people wearing neutral clothes with gorgeous silhouettes that would look timeless no matter when they wore them.

But quiet luxury doesn't have to stay confined to the clothes you wear — now people are looking to incorporate it into everything including their pedicures. While it could seem like a hard ask, the goal of quiet luxury pedicures is to utilize simplicity and neutral colors to create a gorgeous look. While it's based on minimalism there are many ways to achieve this gorgeous look. No matter what type of person you are, there is a quiet luxury pedicure that would look great on you.

A milky white pedicure

There is something so elegant about choosing a milky white as your pedicure color choice. Darker than pure white, it gives a softer vibe that can still look beautiful no matter what outfit you wear. If going for acrylic toes, ask your technician for a "soft white" to get a similar effect.

A pale pink French pedicure

French pedicures are very clean looking and take a luxurious spin on your natural nail. Adding a pale pink, versus the nude adds a dainty statement that exudes class without being boring. There should be a very small difference between the white and pink, in order to get a gorgeous dimensional effect.

Ombré French toes

Ombré is amazing for those who want to do a little bit more than a French tip. It's a simple design that is made primarily from acrylic to create a subtle nude-to-white gradient. Like the French tip, pick a very light pink to create a subtle look.

Barbie pink toes

We at Glam get it, embracing quiet luxury while still wanting to have a moment with the Barbiecore trend can create quite a conundrum. However, this can be solved by grabbing a baby pink that your favorite doll would love. This color looks amazing in any scenario, while still allowing you to embrace your inner child.

Get a little daring with shimmer

The quiet luxury trend embraces minimalism, which can feel like a task for the individual who loves designs and bright colors. However, taking a pink or neutral color with a bit of shimmer might be the flair that you need. Look for colors that have fine glitter in them, and apply multiple coats since these formulas are usually sheer.

Hailey Bieber pedicure

Hailey Bieber, known for her amazing style and beauty routine, created the viral glazed donut manicure that we all came to love. This can be easily done for your next pedicure for a gorgeous look, that will stun in the light. To get the same glazed effect, ask your nail technician to put chrome over a nude pink.