Considering A Wedding Ring Tattoo? Here Are 51 Beautiful Inspirations

Whether you're just getting ready to tie the knot with your beloved or you've been married to them for decades, we wouldn't be surprised if getting a wedding ring tattoo has crossed your mind at least once. Even if you're enamored with your engagement ring, there are several reasons you may want to get a wedding ring tattoo, and thankfully, they're more accessible now than ever.

Wedding ring tattoos are great for lots of different reasons. If you work in an industry where jewelry is a no-no, a wedding ring tattoo can serve as a permanent marker of your partnership on days when a ring isn't wearable. Or maybe you're facing arthritis or other mobility issues that make wearing a ring painful — a wedding ring tattoo could come in particularly handy.

Of course, you don't need a reason to get one. Maybe you and your partner just want another permanent symbol of your commitment. Whatever your case may be, wedding ring tattoos are all the rage, and we can't get enough of them. Want to jump on the wedding ring tattoo train yourself? Here are 51 of our favorite wedding ring tattoos for some inspo. 

Get a tattoo around your wedding band

Firstly, don't feel pressured to replace your precious wedding band and engagement ring entirely. Maybe you just want some permanent art to accent your favorite piece of jewelry. If that's the case, opt for a dainty and delicate design that can showcase your ring. We love the way the floral stem above still allows the ring to be the star of the show. 

Immortalize your love with an infinity symbol

"To infinity and beyond" might be the catchphrase in your marriage; if so, cement it in stone (or, rather, skin) with an infinity tattoo on your ring finger. It's a perfectly dainty piece on its own, but if you want, take it further with some matching hand tattoos. 

Get the date of your anniversary

Your anniversary is one of the most special days of your life; it marks the occasion you and your partner made a lifetime commitment to one another. This sentiment makes your wedding anniversary a great option for a wedding ring tattoo. Regardless of how you spell out the date, as long as you know the meaning, it's sure to be special.

Go for double thin bands

Sure, you could get just a single solid band around your ring finger to symbolize your wedding ring. But if you're going to get one line, why not just get two? A double line mimics a full ring better than a simple single line, and you'll always have the option to fill it in later if you want. 

You can definitely have both

If you don't want to sacrifice your wedding ring for a tattoo or don't want to cover up your tattoo with a big ring, don't sweat it — just do both. Get a fabulous tattoo that you'll be happy to wear bare, and slide your ring over it on days that call for a bit more bling. That way, you're always covered, no matter your vibe.

Wear some crowns

You and your spouse are almost surely the king or queen of each other's hearts (aww), so why not capture that sentiment with a crown on your ring fingers? The design of the crowns is up to you. You could make them match or embrace the more feminine or masculine tropes of each.

Make sure they're meaningful

Whatever wedding ring tattoo you and your spouse decide to get, the most important thing is that it's meaningful. The tattoos don't even have to match. A compass on your finger could symbolize how your partner helps keep you on the right track, while a ship's wheel on theirs may be a metaphor for the direction you take in your lives together. 

Wear your heart on your finger

When it comes to your relationship with your partner, you probably already wear your heart on your sleeve, so why not wear it on your finger? A micro heart tattoo on your ring finger is a wonderful symbol of the special place your significant other holds in your heart. Whether you do it as an outline or color it in is up to you — the significance will remain.

Get an infinity symbol with each other's initials

The significance behind an infinity symbol may mean the world to you, but just getting an infinity symbol could be too plain for your liking. If that's the boat you're in, put a slight twist on the standard infinity symbol by adding your initials or a small heart into it.

Smaller versions of each other's tattoos are very romantic

Sometimes you want to get something meaningful for you and your boo, but the standard symbols with generic meanings just aren't cutting it for you. If each of you already has a tattoo that means a lot to you, swap designs and get a mini version of your partner's tattoo on your ring finger! 

Get them above the knuckle

If you really can't picture yourself ever parting with your engagement ring, even for a day, that doesn't mean you have to give up on your ring tattoo idea entirely — just move it up a bit! Go ahead and get meaningful, matching tattoos with your partner above the knuckle so your rings can still shine in all their glory. 

Find a symbol that means a lot to both of you

News flash: The meaning of your wedding ring tattoo doesn't have to be obvious to anyone except you and your partner. If something more abstract is on the books for the two of you, go ahead and get a symbol that means a lot to you, like the above Viking symbol for "joy."

Symbolize your faith system

Maybe the two of you have a bond beyond just yourselves. If you're bound together by the same faith system, why not symbolize it by getting a popular symbol of that faith system as wedding ring tattoos? It'll remind you of the common faith that brought you together. 

Give it a double meaning

You don't have to choose just one symbol for your wedding ring tattoo. If there are multiple different things that mean a lot to both of you, go ahead and give that tattoo a double meaning. Put one tattoo on the outside of your knuckle and another on the inside. 

A braided rope can symbolize the strength of your bond

A three-stranded cord is not easily broken; the same could be said about your partnership with your significant other. If you want to make a fairly literal symbol out of the strength of your bond, get a tattoo of a three-strand rope on your ring fingers. 

A fleur-de-lis can make you both feel like royalty

If you and your partner are each other's royalty but crown tattoos aren't your vibe, why not get another symbol of royalty tattooed? A fleur-de-lis is a well-known symbol of royalty, and we think a mini version looks stunning as a wedding ring tattoo (especially if you're New Orleans Saints fans since it is also the logo for that NFL team). 

A triple band is simple and stunning

The number three has many significant meanings in many cultures and religions. If the three-cord rope tattoo idea doesn't do it for you, you can still use the symbology of the number three by getting a triple band tattoo around your ring finger. 

Getting each other's initials is a sweet sentiment

Sometimes you don't want a tattoo that looks like a ring at all, and all you need is a reminder of your loved one. When you want to look down at your ring finger every day and be instantly reminded of your spouse, get each other's initials tattooed.

Or get each other's full names

Is an initial not enough? You light up every time you see their name — so why not get their whole name tattooed on your ring finger? Granted, this might not be the best option if your partner has a long name, but if their name is short enough to fit on your finger, go for it. 

Combine your initials into an abstract design

Do the two of you want to get a wedding ring tattoo that nobody else will ever have? Take your initials and combine them into an abstract geometric design. This tattoo will be entirely unique, and you can have a lot of fun with the design — make it geometric or utilize curvy letters. 

Cherry blossoms can symbolize continual growth

If you and your significant other have grown together a lot so far and want to keep growing, get some wedding ring tattoos that symbolize that growth and continual bloom. Your favorite plant would work here, but a cherry blossom tattoo is a particularly stunning option. 

Get it on the inside of your finger

Maybe you don't want a tattoo exactly where your engagement ring gemstone sits because you want to be able to show off both. A tattoo on the inside of your finger is a great option when this is the case. You could get your anniversary date or a symbol that means a lot to both of you. 

Combine your initials, the infinity symbol, and a heart

One of the great things about an infinity symbol is that you can customize it in infinite ways. For example, the wedding ring tattoo design above turns the infinity symbol into two sideways hearts. Leave the hearts as they are, or put your initials inside of them for extra meaning. 

They don't have to match

Wanna know a secret? Your wedding ring tattoos don't have to match. They could be completely different, or you could just do slight variations on the same design, like with the triangle wedding ring tattoo designs above. However you do it, it's sure to mean a lot to the two of you, which is all that matters. 

You could get Mr. and Mrs. tattoos

Few things obviously signify married life more than changing your title from "Ms." to "Mrs." on all those forms you fill out. If this single-to-married title change excites you, let everyone know about your new bond by getting "Mrs." tattooed on your ring finger. 

Get a significant number

Have you ever seen someone with a random number tattooed on their ring finger? You may not have known what it meant, but it could be a significant number to them and their partner. If this idea is appealing to you, get matching number tattoos with your partner, like the age you were when you got married. 

Sometimes a single band is plenty

We get it: Sometimes simple is simply better. If you and your partner are no-frills minimalists, a simple single-band wedding ring tattoo could fit the bill. Make the line as thin or thick as you like — a fine-line ring tattoo would be a lovely and delicate option. 

Get their initial as your wedding band

Maybe you're obsessed with your engagement ring, but wedding bands aren't the biggest deal to you. Or, perhaps you want to wear both a ring and a tattoo. When that's the case, why not substitute your wedding band for a tattoo? It can sit under your engagement ring; that way, you can have the best of both worlds. 

Or get your favorite animal

If you and your partner share a love for pups, cats, or more exotic animals like penguins or lions, cement your love for them (and each other) in stone by getting matching tattoos of your favorite animal. There could be a deeper meaning behind the animal — for example, lions symbolize strength — or it could just be an animal you're particularly fond of. 

Make them colorful

Do you and your partner have bright, bold personalities that simply can't be encompassed in a black ink tattoo? We have good news for you: Color tattoos are all the rage, and yes, they'll work on your ring finger too. Take any meaningful design and inject some color into it for an instantly noticeable wedding ring tattoo. 

Make it an elegant, intricate design

Listen, nobody said that wedding ring tattoos had to be simple. You're too fancy for a plain tattoo; even an initial, heart, or infinity symbol won't cut it. If this sounds like you, feel free to get as intricate and elegant a wedding ring tattoo as you want. 

Go with a more offbeat design

We get it: You and your partner are offbeat and a little quirky, and you want wedding ring tattoos that reflect your uniqueness. We're all for that, and we say go for it! Pick a design that encapsulates your fun vibe, like the fun skulls above. 

Make it look like an actual ring

This tattoo is for anyone who loves wedding rings but can't wear one for whatever reason. You don't need to leave people guessing what your ring finger tattoo means when you make it look like an actual engagement ring. Make it the color of your favorite gemstone, and give it an intricate band for a design.

A simple circle can symbolize your infinite bond

If you want to take a simple yet meaningful route with your wedding ring tattoos, get one to symbolize your eternal, never-ending bond. A simple circle is a perfect minimalist design to capture this sentiment, but you could always make it more intricate if you want. 

Try a meaningful symbol of something small

We have some news for you: The Y2K butterfly tattoo trend is back, and they're all the rage right now. A butterfly could make a beautiful, simple sentiment, but you could also get a small symbol of a flower, a heart, or another meaningful little design. 

Get arrows to symbolize where you want to go

Hopefully, you and your partner are headed in the same direction in life — you likely have life goals you want to accomplish together, and you may even be thinking about starting a family soon. When you know the path you want to head down together, get arrow tattoos on your ring finger to symbolize the same direction you're both headed in. 

Get your favorite Greek symbol

Is there a Greek symbol that means a lot to both of you? Maybe you met each other in Greek life in college or simply love the Greek delta symbol, which signifies change. If something like this speaks volumes to you two, get it tattooed on your ring fingers. 

Greenery is a gorgeous earthly option

In case you missed it, greenery tattoos are an especially popular ink option nowadays. We wouldn't be surprised if you (or your partner) already have a fern, floral design, or other leafy branch wrapping around your arm. If you do, why not duplicate it with an equally delicate leafy design on your ring finger?

Wrap it in a bow

If your partnership with your significant other feels like the best gift you've ever received, symbolize the present that your relationship is by getting a bow tattooed on your ring finger. How simple or bold the bow looks is up to you; you could leave it black or give it a splash of your favorite color. 

Make it shiny

Obviously, we all love the glitz and glam of a standard engagement ring. It's an easy way to add some sparkle to your daily 'fits, and you may want a wedding ring tattoo to do the same. If that's the case, get a gold or silver metallic tattoo on your ring finger. 

Shields can symbolize your protection over each other

You and your partner will have each other's backs until your dying day. You're each other's protector and confidant, and you want tattoos that symbolize your protection over each other. Simple shield tattoos with each other's initials in them can capture this sentiment perfectly. 

A simple crown outline is a cute sentiment

If your partner is the king or queen of your heart, but you don't want to get a big, bold crown tattoo, a simple outline of a crown is a great, subtle way to make known the place they hold in your heart. It looks stunning as just an outline, or you could fill it in with color. 

An anchor can symbolize the one who keeps you steady

Hopefully, your partner is the one who anchors you and keeps you steady as you walk through your lives together. If you want to keep a constant, close reminder of their ability to steady you in the storm, get an anchor as a wedding ring tattoo. 

A heartbeat tattoo can always keep your loved one close

The love of your life means everything to you, and even feeling their heartbeat is enough to calm you down when dealing with tough moments. For a tangible reminder of your bond to them, a heartbeat tattoo can be a touching, meaningful sentiment. 

A laurel wreath is another beautifully delicate option

Another way to get a wedding ring tattoo without making it look like an actual ring on your finger is to get a circular symbol of something like a laurel wreath. A laurel wreath symbolizes triumph and could remind you how the two of you can conquer all of life's obstacles together. 

Symbolize your love for yourself first

Your bond with your partner can only be trumped by one thing: your bond with yourself. Sometimes we need a reminder that self-love has to be at the heart of a solid relationship so we can fully love all the special ones in our lives. If you need to be reminded of this, a personal ring finger tattoo could be just what you need. 

Disney adults could love Mickey and Minnie tattoos

Are you and your spouse avid Disney adults? You take at least one Disney vacation every year, you've probably been on a Disney cruise, and your house is chock full of Disney paraphernalia. If this sounds like you, cement your love for each other (and Disney) in stone by getting Mickey and Minnie ring tattoos. 

Dots and stars can also make for a delicate option

Your significant other means more to you than all the stars in the universe combined, and you may want a constant reminder of their astronomical role in your life. If this is the case, why not get some stars tattooed on your ring finger in addition to wearing your wedding ring? 

Combine two initials into a heart inside a ring outline

This next idea is best for naturally curvy initials, like S or R. If it works with the initials of your names, turn the initials into a heart symbol and place the heart inside two lines to symbolize a wedding ring. It's a cute, simple sentiment that'll be unique to the two of you. 

Branches can symbolize your deep-rootedness with each other

Are you and your partner both deeply rooted in each other? As a couple, you've grown so much and want to get a wedding ring tattoo that lets everyone know of your deep bond. If this sounds like you, a tree with branches and roots can symbolize that you're constantly growing together. 

Make tying the knot ultra literal

You've just tied the knot with your spouse and couldn't be more excited. The phrase "tying the knot" may actually be one of your faves — if that's the case, get it in permanent ink on your ring finger. It's a cute sentiment that will let everyone know of your bond with your boo.