Creating A Workwear Capsule Wardrobe Can Bring Ease To Your Morning Routine

With workplaces everywhere once again opening their doors to workers, creating a new office-appropriate wardrobe is at the front of many people's minds. Wearing cute clothes to the office is a perk and a curse of working in person. While it gives workers an excuse to dress up, it can also be frustrating picking out a new outfit every day. Luckily, there is a hassle-free hack to make your morning routine easier: a capsule workwear wardrobe.


Capsule wardrobes are nothing new; they have been a longtime favorite of minimalist fashion lovers. Minimalist fashion blogger and creator of Un-Fancy Caroline Rector tells WhoWhatWear that a capsule wardrobe is "a mini wardrobe made up of really versatile pieces that you totally love to wear." Creating a capsule wardrobe specifically for workwear gives you options for more outfit combinations than ever. With items that can be mixed and matched with each other, there is no need for hundreds of pieces of clothing that are only suitable for one or two outfits. If you want to make your morning routine a breeze, we have put together a guide to creating the ultimate workwear capsule wardrobe.

What to consider when building a capsule workwear wardrobe

Building a capsule workwear wardrobe is unique to every individual. Each person has unique tastes and needs when it comes to clothing. Firstly, you should consider your work environment. What is the traditional dress code of your office? Some offices are much more casual than others. Jeans are the norm in some offices, whereas many offices require slacks and pantsuits daily. Ensure you are only buying items that are allowed at work. Also, consider your commute to work. For example, if lots of walking is required, a pair of stilettos should be off the table.


After all of the complex considerations about workplace technicalities, the fun part can begin: choosing your color palette. While most people choose an entirely neutral color palette for their capsule wardrobe, you can add one or two chosen pops of color on some pieces to infuse some personality to your wardrobe. These factors should all be considered before you begin purging your workwear wardrobe and buying new items.

Choose what items to purge

The next step in creating a capsule wardrobe is often the hardest: the purge. When purging your closet, you may tend to convince yourself that you will wear an item that, in reality, you never reach for. A good rule of thumb is that if an item is in season and you haven't reached for it in the last two months, it is unnecessary. These items can easily be donated or sold on a resale app, such as Poshmark or Depop. Of course, you should also purge any stained or worn items beyond repair.


Purging beyond unworn and unwearable items is where your visual eye for style comes in. Using the color palette of your preference and workplace considerations, start removing pieces. If something doesn't fit your needs, it's best to purge it. For example, if you have denim in your workwear wardrobe, but the office strictly states it is "slacks only," the denim is unnecessary. If you chose a neutral color palette with pops of red, the blue blazer is probably not the best option. Colors that do not visually fit into the capsule workwear wardrobe should also be purged.

Ensure you have all the essentials

The fun begins when you start shopping for the missing essentials in your workwear capsule wardrobe. After your closet purge is complete, you should begin to assess what items you need. "A capsule wardrobe is a curated collection of clothing pieces (typically under 40 items)," wardrobe stylist and owner of Modnitsa Styling Dina Scherer tells Reader's Digest. Consider the number of items remaining in your capsule wardrobe as well before shopping for new pieces. Oftentimes, people will have just a few pairs of pants, a skirt, and a dress or two but have a greater number of tops, from blouses to sweaters. There should also be a place in the wardrobe for jackets, coats, shoes, and, of course, accessories.


After your purge, ask yourself "what seems to be missing?" If you seem to have kept many tops but not pants, that should be your first go-to. Not everyone has the money to spend on a completely new wardrobe, but, luckily, one pair of pants can go with many different outfits when it comes to a capsule workwear wardrobe. Plus, thrift stores and second-hand shopping are more accessible than ever with the Internet, so you can often find great deals on essential wardrobe items.

Mix and match while adding fun pieces

The key to having a successful workwear capsule wardrobe is the ability to mix and match. Most of these items should consist of solid colors and basic patterns to ensure they can work together seamlessly, though this doesn't mean the entire wardrobe should be boring.


There are plenty of opportunities to add fun pieces that can still be worn in a variety of ways. For example, when it comes to unique tops, consider a fun silhouette over a funky color or pattern. A neutral-colored top can be made fashion-forward with a unique color, puffed sleeves, or untraditional hem. The top can still be styled in a variety of ways with different bottoms and accessories but in itself is still a basic fashion piece.

Another way to make a capsule wardrobe more unique is with accessories. The shoes, jewelry, and bag you choose to wear with an outfit can change the entire look. Switch up the accessories each time you wear a certain look to make it feel like a completely new outfit every time.