Structured Handbags Are Timeless, Not Trendy - Why We Love Them

While we certainly appreciate giant purses, there's no doubt that there are plenty of handbag trends that are both eye-catching and enticing. That includes structured handbags. Beyond that, the latter style is timeless which means that picking up a handbag is a rather good investment since it can be worn for as long as you want. Of course, that's not the only reason they're so appealing.

"With its clean lines and defined shape, a structured handbag has always been perfect for a nice occasion or even a day around the city," fashion influencer Melissa Meyers told Who What Wear. Noting why and where you can use this particular kind of bag, Meyers explained, "A structured silhouette always looks stylish without trying too hard. I've been wearing them as far back as I can remember, especially to business lunches and events."

Thanks to the fact that structured handbags won't be going out of style any time soon, designers have come up with a wide range of options that you'll surely adore. Whether you want something that will go with pretty much everything or are drawn to pieces that are wonderfully unique, there's likely a structured handbag out there that you won't be able to resist.

Contemporary classic black structured handbag

Black will always be a classic color and can suit pretty much any style. A handbag in this particular shade is just as versatile and can be worn with laid-back casual outfits and highly curated formal ensembles. In this case, the bag features a rectangular shape with oh-so-slightly rounded corners. You might also appreciate the additional trim around the edges and latch that helps to keep it closed. As if that's not enough, the strap can be kept short to hold by hand or made longer to sling over your shoulder.

Petite white structured handbag

White is another color that will surely always be on-trend and can work with seemingly endless styles. That includes a petite structured handbag. This tiny treasure offers a flat bottom, an indented side, an upper flap, and firm handles that always keep their shape. A somewhat dainty item thanks to the smaller size, it also owes a chic elegance to the design which is as pristine as it is sharp. On top of that, it's big enough for your phone, wallet, keys, and perhaps a few cosmetics which might be all you really need.

Rounded structured handbag

When you think of a structured handbag, you might imagine a piece with precise angles. However, this stunning item proves that isn't always true. Although it features the same sturdy form, the sleek black bag curves into an almost oval shape. A slim handle arches over the small opening at the top of the purse which then dips into a larger section in order to access the inside. The large silver clasp on the front is not only a logo but also adds an angular touch to this design that is perfect for special nights out.

Structured handbag with dark piping

Piping is a fabulous way to accentuate the shape of a piece. That's why it works so well on structured handbags. Just take a peek at this posh purse that uses dark piping along the edges of a soft yellow material. By framing the form with a relatively thin line, the piping doesn't overwhelm the piece at all. This is another option that would be a great choice for your daily purse because it offers an impressive amount of space inside, and would look just as good in a wide range of other colors.

Gold faux-alligator hard-case structured handbag

There's so much to love about this structured handbag. From the shiny gold color to the faux alligator print texture, it's more than just a little eye-catching. That's not to mention the hard-case shape and metal embellishments found on each corner. An item that you will surely want to save for nights out at the club, a highly-anticipated concert, and other super-fun special occasions, this arguably artistic piece might be precious enough to earn a special spot in your closet or on an open shelf to display it in between uses.

Heart-shaped structured handbag

Structured handbags may be rather stiff, but that doesn't mean that they can't also be playful. In fact, their firm nature makes them ideal to hold strong distinctive shapes. This could be anything from an intricate whimsical character to a simple heart with a printed image. Check out this pretty light pink Disney-themed design that can be used as a handbag or shoulder bag and would be a wonderful choice for a little one who wants their own purse. Of course, it obviously looks great on "The Little Mermaid"-loving adults as well.

Full zebra-print structured handbag

Indulge your fashionable wild side by opting for a structured handbag that features black and white zebra stripes. The bold pattern along with the contrasting colors will add a pop of visual interest to any look. On top of that, the design is certainly enough to make this purse the centerpiece of any outfit. Although the exterior could be used for various items, the structured shape of this handbag keeps the sides firm and flat so that the markings can be seen clearly which is definitely what you want.