Molten Jewelry: The Abstract Trend Updating Our Metals This Year

Jewelry styles are starting to change, and fashionistas are here for it. Where you once might have opted for a dainty necklace, now you have thicker, curvier options. Molten jewelry, for example, is an effortless style to incorporate into your everyday wardrobe. These metals aren't like your average jewelry, with their perfectly circular or straight-edged shapes. Instead, molten metals are carefully crafted with planned imperfections that make them stand out with their unique look. Post-pandemic fashion has encouraged folks to step outside their comfort zones and embrace bolder and louder clothing, shoes, and jewelry choices. Molten pieces will surely start conversations wherever you are.

If molten jewelry has already found its way into your jewelry box, don't throw out all your older pieces yet. Keep your favorites on standby. Since the molten metals are flashier statement pieces, you can pair them with your beloved dainty jewelry and create your one-of-a-kind collection. Here are a few pieces you might consider adding to your jewelry box.

Molten stackable rings

If you're more of a dainty jewelry wearer then larger molten pieces might be too extravagant for you. Try out thin-band molten pieces you can stack or wear alone. These curvy, rounded rings are intricate, delicate, and elegant. Pair them with pearl rings or any colorful gemstone-style ring to allow them to stand out. There are also molten bands in sterling silver if you prefer that look.

Molten moon-shaped jewelry

Opt for a thin chain with a larger charm for a mix of delicate and bold molten jewelry. Style it with other dainty necklaces or a pair of small hoops, or wear it alone. This moon-shaped necklace embodies the molten style with its texture that looks like it's lived through one too many falls. This gives it the perfect bohemian-style effect, perfect for those with a free-spirited nature.

Mini molten hoops

Mini molten hoops were made for the gold hoop girlies who can't go anywhere without them. These offer the balance you might want if you like a delicate yet abstract jewelry style. They also make an excellent stackable piece for those who have multiple ear piercings because you can wear them with your other favorite hoop earrings and elevate your ear candy to the next level.

Molten cuffs

Sometimes wearing too many layers of jewelry can overwhelm your outfit, so sticking with statement pieces helps enhance the overall appeal. For example, pair a molten cuff with a necklace and a pair of earrings instead of wearing multiple layered bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings. Or, you can pair the cuff with earrings for an even simpler look. A molten cuff can also be worn alone since it takes up ample space on the wrist. It'll be the first thing people notice and compliment.

Mismatched molten earrings

Mismatched earrings is a trend that allows you to play around with wearing different earrings to create different looks on your ears. These mismatched molten earrings tap into that trend flawlessly while adding a twist with their design. The drip-style is funky and animated but still gives a sophisticated touch. You can wear them together or pair them with other styles for a luxe look.