Skirt Suits Aren't Just For College Preps Anymore - Here's How To Style The Trend

It's hard to debate the fact that business casual has become one of the major inspirations for the latest fashion trends. Chic blazers and vests are just two examples of how far officewear has come from being drab and stale to exciting and street-style. Although they're still popular items for those days when you go into the office, blazers and tweed skirts are mostly seen outside of work and on the runways. 

One of the most recent office trends to make the jump from the cubicle to the runways is the skirt suit. This preppy combo often features a matching (usually cropped) blazer and vintage skirt — the kind you'd typically imagine when thinking of an old-school, traditional work setting. Although they do create a retro look, these suits have been remixed to please a new generation.

The skirt suit is the perfect piece to add a polished touch to your wardrobe. When styled in the right way, these iconic matching sets can be used to create high-fashion or casual looks while channeling the likes of pop culture icons. So embrace your inner Cher Horowitz with these styling tips.

Light, summery colors

No matter the season, light colors help your skirt suit to stand out in the crowd. You can pair your blazer and skirt combo with a white shirt if you want to keep it dressier and sophisticated, or you can opt for a matching shade underneath. If you're looking to dress down a suit blazer and skirt set, you can also add a white tee underneath for a mix of casual and dressy.

The midi option

Long ago, midi skirts were the ultimate officewear piece that gave you more coverage and formality in your work 'fit. Now midi skirts are less constricting and formal, meaning they can be used from day to night. Though we typically think of miniskirts when it comes to skirt suits, this style can look even more elegant with a longer bottom.

Don't be afraid to accessorize

Turn up the glam factor on your skirt suit with a few bedazzling accessories. Broaches, ties, and necklaces can make your look even more sophisticated and put-together, while a hat turns your officewear style into a high fashion aesthetic you'd find on the runway. And don't be afraid to add a statement clutch! 


Miniskirts reign supreme when it comes to skirt suits. If you dare, you can literally take it up a notch with a slit. When paired with a thigh-high boot, a mini-miniskirt suit is the ultimate sexy look. Just don't try to wear this one to the office! 

Tweed suit skirts

There can't be a conversation about skirt suits without mentioning tweed fabric. Tweed is notorious in the officewear closet because it brings the feeling of being polished and professional. The tweed skirt suit, by default, is a classic and iconic piece that designers like Chanel have made even more popular. 

Ditch the blazer

A cropped blazer is typically part of a skirt suit, but you can play around with the look in summer by opting for a crop top instead. As long as you wear a matching crop top, you'll still get the "suit" effect. This will also make the look more casual, bringing a dressed-down feeling that you can wear anywhere.