Zodiac Signs That Are Total Pop Culture Buffs (They Can Quote Any Movie)

Whether or not you're a believer in astrology, it can be hard to resist a good horoscope. If you find yourself among the signs who are deemed to have the best style or seem to be good at everything, your skepticism could suddenly wash away. And while horoscopes can't be relied on for everything, it can be fun to do your research when considering romantic partner compatibility or a career change.

Or, if you consider how personality traits could naturally lend themselves to certain hobbies or skills, you could figure out how to tap into your friends' hidden strengths. 

Next time you're assembling your trivia team, you might want to ask potential partners their birthdays. With zodiac signs often influencing levels of curiosity and competitive drive, it's no surprise that some signs are more inclined to have seen that recent movie, gotten caught up on the new season of that popular show, or gathered all the gossip about a recent celebrity breakup. When it comes to caring about the stars, it's all about the stars. Here are the three zodiac signs that can always be counted on to pick up on your pop culture references.

First-in-line, online Libras

Characterized as the contradictory sign by Co-Star, Libras exist in a liminal space between outgoing and subdued, highly strategic and aloof. As a result, spending some alone time (while digging into the lives of their favorite celebrities or fictional characters) is the perfect reprieve for these introverted extroverts. 

Libras are ruled by the goddess of love, so they're always on the lookout for beauty, romance, and stunning cultural expression. Although their highly logical mindset might make them seem too rigid for rom-coms, they can't resist a happily ever after. That means that your Libra friends may surprise you every once in a while ... like when they mourned that Taylor Swift breakup harder than you'd expected.

In their pursuit of aesthetic, Libras are also drawn to all things shiny and new. That makes them the early adopters of the latest app, TikTok trend, or fashion statement. Their curious pursuit of what's new and exciting keeps them in-the-know about what's coming up the pop culture pipeline.

Tea-spilling Scorpios

Scorpios are often the quiet friends, taking in all the information without letting too many of their own opinions be heard. Co-Star posits that this makes them a great person to confide in ... but true lovers of celebrity gossip know that means they're an endless repository of scalding hot pop culture tea. With their ability to store information from an objective perspective, Scorpios have great memories and can draw connections easily. It's easy to dismiss pop culture as surface-level drivel ... until you hear a Scorpio's take on that viral Tweet. 

Evidence of Scorpios' pop culture pervasion can be found by looking at the celebrities who fall under this sign. From Kris Jenner to Leonardo DiCaprio, it's clear that Scorpios have the propensity to get deeply ingrained into the worlds of the rich and famous. And while a true Scorpio friend would never spill your secrets, they're never afraid to hit you with a deep cut about a celebrity.

Star-studded Sagittarians

Sagittarians find meaning and value through connection. With a love of making people laugh, these signs often stay up-to-date out of necessity. After all, it's easy to bond with people when you have a shared vocabulary of "The Office." This social research is made easy by a Sagittarius' natural passion for everything they do. There isn't a TV show they can't binge or a Kardashian birth order they can't memorize.

When they're not socializing, however, Sagittarians are natural scholars. Co-Star outlines their innate desire to understand the world ... and that can apply to fictional worlds, as well! Though some people may say you can skip the "Star Wars" prequels, you're sure to find that your Sagittarius friend is a pop culture purist — taking in every bit of information that they can.

Finally, their artistic nature makes them prime candidates to enjoy the glitz and glamour of celebrity life. Beyond watching a movie, they'll want to debate its aesthetics after the credits roll. If your Sag friend skips out on the Oscars viewing party early, it's probably because they're assembling their best dressed list.

Gossipy and glamorous Geminis

There's a reason that Co-Star suggests Twitter personality as a top career for a Gemini. These signs are in the know and eager to let you know that they are. Known for their humor and love of chatter, a good gossip session with your Gemini friends is sure to quickly transform into a giggle sesh instead.

Today calls Geminis curious ... and quickly clarifies that this can often mean nosy. This means that a Gemini can't stand feeling out of the loop. If that means watching all of "Game of Thrones" just so that they can understand their Twitter feed better, they'll do what it takes. Your Gemini friends are also highly likely to be hate-watching a few celebrities so that they don't miss out on any juicy content (so don't take their following list as endorsements).

Because the twin Gemini is always looking for their other half, you can count on them to keep you looped into the best pop culture news. While gossip can quickly be dismissed as a negative trait, Geminis' interest is truly rooted in a desire for connection.