The 'Power Piece' Is The Most Important Item In Your Closet - Here's How To Find Yours

Without a doubt, one of the greatest feelings is when you put on a favorite piece of clothing that you feel completely comfortable in, astoundingly confident, and like an absolute power player. Think of Audrey Hepburn's classic bold-rimmed black sunglasses in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" or the Chanel boots Anne Hathaway wore as Andy Sachs in "The Devil Wears Prada" or Kim Kardashian, who has turned neutral tonal outfits into the epitome of power pieces of her personal brand because of the confidence she exudes when she steps out. Now it's your turn to find your power piece, whether it's an item already in your closet or you're about to begin one of the most worthwhile fashion journeys to obtain the ultimate vestment and investment for your wardrobe.

Fashion is a template through which you can tell your story, a way to express yourself through wearable art, which represents who you are, especially when you wear pieces that make you feel like you can take on the world. In the realm of fashion, and clothing in general, it's about how you wear the garments rather than the garments themselves. If you wear your favorite t-shirt with a hole in the left armpit and feel like the most self-assured, empowered, and confident person alive, you're wearing clothing made for you — pun intended! If you're looking towards building a capsule wardrobe of versatile quality pieces that make you feel amazing, you're destined to find your power piece along the way. 

Visualize how you want to look and feel in power pieces

The first step when finding your personalized power piece is to visualize how you want to feel when you wear the item. It's also helpful to take stock of your current goals and aspirations, as well as your ultimate dreams for your life. You've likely heard the phrase, you should dress for the job or the part you want to have as a way of manifesting through fashion, and clothing is certainly a powerful tool for making dreams come true. But when the tables are turned and fashion is manifested, note that your goals and clothing are often intrinsically intertwined. 

Aispi explains that fashion, individual garments, and complete outfits are all energetic ways to manifest how you want to feel, such as wearing bright, colorful pieces to feel excited and exuberant. Color, style, and intention when donning apparel are vital components. If you want to become the next editor-in-chief of a major magazine, dress for the part, as Anna Wintour did prior to fulfilling her dream of topping the global fashion scene, where she's remained for over three decades with her quintessential soft power dressing, says The Guardian. Wintour is known for her trademark staples of nude footwear, black sunglasses, and iconic bob hairstyle. In other words, think about the pieces you want to be known for, perhaps trying soft power pieces to get a feel for a specific style. 

Express yourself freely and authentically

The best advice for finding your power piece is to know that there is no definition for what makes a power piece, and specifically for what makes your piece until you find it and define it as such. Since the world is vastly diverse, the careers and interests people pursue range in every field and sector, and what makes each person feel like their best version is as unique as the individuals themselves. In other words, you're the only person who can present the label of your power piece to a garment. Your attire is an expression of who you are, so if you put on apparel and feel self-conscious or uncomfortable to even the slightest degree, that garment is not your power piece. This is also a good opportunity to clear your closet of items you don't enjoy wearing and give them a second life through donation

If it feels like you're searching for a needle in a stack of clothing, Not Basic Blonde recommends searching for your power piece by assessing how you feel when you put on certain styles, colors, patterns, fabrics, and pieces made from a variety of materials. There are likely fabrics you feel more comfortable in than others, as well as preferences of accouterments like zippers, buttons, and beading. When you put on your power piece, you'll feel like your most confident and assured self, as you'll feel comfortable in the piece and know that you look undeniably glamorous.

Consider your spirit color

You've probably heard of spirit animals before, a specific species or breed of animal that deeply connects with someone's soul or an animal with which a person resonates because of shared traits, like a sprinter finding a spiritual connection with cheetahs. Well, in the world of fashion, there are spirit colors that come by means of a power color that looks absolutely fabulous on you, no matter the type of garment or style of design. When you find your power color, aka your spirit color, you'll feel and look remarkable in the hue, and you have every right to indulge in the shade which speaks to you — and looks great on you, too.

According to Real Life Style, a power color is a pigment that makes you feel bold, beautiful, and brave, more than any other tint on the color wheel. To consider what your power color or spirit color might be, think about outfits you've worn on momentous occasions, on first dates, or to job interviews. If there's a pattern in the shades you choose to wear during these events, you may already have your power color picked out and ready to go. Otherwise, spend some time exploring clothing of various coloring, including different shades of colors and fusions which give hints of multiple tints. You may be most comfortable in black, following your spirit color to point you toward potential power pieces along the lines of sleek black leather jackets and classic LBDs

Tell a story with your clothing

As you search for your perfect power apparel, reminisce about the outfits which made you feel your best in previous eras of your life, going back to the superhero costume you insisted on wearing for months as a young child. Story Behind the Cloth describes the importance of our raiment as symbols of what's meaningful to us and nods to culture, heritage, and cherished experiences. Acknowledging humans are visual in perception, there are multiple layers — pun intended — to the clothing we wear. When trying to discern the style of dress most attuned with who you are today, think about the stories you can tell about what you cherish and any items in your current closet that are particularly meaningful to you because they are sentimental connections to loved ones, cherished memories, or have served as former power pieces, again with a throwback to your favorite childhood costume.   

Consider how you can create outfits that tell narratives of stories you wish to share with the world or statements you wish to make. Clothing provides chances to tell stories about our lives, including our past, present, and future. If you cherished attending collegiate sports games and cheering on your university, you might find yourself drawn to pieces made in your school's colors as your power piece. Your garb-de-force may be an homage to your heritage and ancestors, a throwback, or a look forward. Your power piece is your story to tell and wear. 

When it fits, get it in every color

When you finally hold your power piece in your hands or hang it up in your closet, embrace it and celebrate it. You can't oversaturate a power piece, so wear it every day if it's the iconic attire that represents who you are inside and out — literally! A tip for when you come across the item that embodies what a power piece is to you is to buy numerous articles of the apparel in every color, pattern, and style variation available, as well as backups in case something happens to your pinnacle garb or it follows the typical lifespan of a clothing item and eventually succumbs to wear and tear. Of course, only purchase numerous copies of your power piece if doing so is within your budget and a feasible feat for your current living space, lifestyle, and other relative considerations. 

Nata Dvir, iconic owner of power pieces and Macy's Chief Merchandising Officer, says that when she finds a piece of clothing that encapsulates her essence and brings out her best attributes, including her bold confidence as a well-known power dresser, she stocks up on the item because she knows she'll wear something she feels genuinely good in, per Marie Claire. If your power piece is vintage, bespoke, or a splurge, then continue to keep your eye out for other power pieces you can add to your wardrobe, ultimately creating a closet of confidence.