Black Court Shoes Are The Understated MVP Of Summer Fashion

The arrival of a new season is the perfect excuse to invest in some new shoes. When you consider summer footwear, your mind may immediately gravitate toward flip-flops and strappy sandals. While an ideal sunshine season certainly involves plenty of time on the beach, you'll also want to consider apparel for warm work commutes and fancier occasions. Fortunately, an emerging, trendy look is perfect for formal outings and nights out on the town. 

Enter the black court shoe. No, we're not talking about the stylish sneakers you rock for your pickleball and tennis matches. The "court" in this shoe title is derived from their original popularity in historical, royal courts. Nowadays, the shoes are often simply placed in the "pumps" category — which are coming back in style — but the distinct style of court shoes makes them a must-have staple of any wardrobe. A court shoe is distinguished from its flashier contemporaries by its simple style — typically consisting of no fastenings or straps. With toned-down heel sizes and low-cut fronts, court shoes are a comfortable alternative to staggering heels.

Their immense staple potential adds a particular allure to black styles. By investing in these basics which match anything and everything, you'll be able to rock your court shoes all summer long. Here's how to find your perfect court shoe and incorporate it into your everyday looks. 

Find the perfect height

As part of their understated look, court shoes tend to sport a heel with a small or mid-sized height. Although they're often slightly taller than a kitten heel, you can invest in any pair that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Considering your own ability to walk in heels is essential for finding a pair you'll actually reach for. Even just a small heel can help your shoes easily double as casual and classy.  

Consider different heel shapes

Of course, it's not just the height of a heel that impacts a shoe's comfort and ease of wearability. Heels can be impacted by your foot shape and needs. Finding the right heel shape can also be the first step in finding the right shoe. Wider platforms seen on, for example, square heels, allow for more walking support and balance and can be easily incorporated into your wardrobe. While most court shoes go without straps or additional supports, you can adopt this simple heel trend in any way that works best for your lifestyle.

Style black court shoes for work

With their basic color and shape, black court shoes can easily become your everyday work shoe. The hue easily accompanies all the colors of the rainbow, so you shouldn't be afraid to pair them with patterns. They're an easy way to show professionalism and effort with your work apparel (and a high-enough heel finally lets you wear those too-long slacks). 

Turn court style formal

Court shoes can also be your reliable date to any wedding or formal event. Their comfortable, low-cut style means that the dance floor won't come with blisters or a time limit. Incorporating pops of color with these more toned-down shoes will allow you to dress for every occasion. Sage greens, reds, or pale blues pair well with the black, while also bringing the happy colors that more joyful gatherings warrant. 

Dress your staple shoes down

Not every day will be a party or a fancy dinner (unfortunately). Still, your court shoes don't have to wait in the back of your closet for your five-star occasions. Pairing the heels with jeans and a button-up is an effortless way to elevate your day-to-day outfits. With endless ways to style these black basics, your cost-per-wear will drop by the day. 

Make the style your own

Black court shoes may seem like a fairly simple trend (and, indeed, that's part of their appeal), but there are still many different ways you can make the style your own. The simplicity of the shoe allows you to let other parts of your ensemble shine — whether your clothing, hair, or makeup. You can even use accessories to jazz up the shoe area. Take advantage of the strapless shape to rock an anklet, or reignite two trends at once by bravely rocking the socks-with-heels combo.