Berets & Braids: The Most Polished Pairing For A Cool-Girl Hairstyle This Summer

Get ready to embrace what could become your favorite look of the summer by grabbing a beret and wearing it with a braided hairstyle. Together, the duo is an easy and fabulously effective way to create a polished vibe that is both chic and cool. Of course, there are various ways that you can slay your beret and braids.

When it comes to the hat, you can find berets in a wide range of colors, textures, and designs, although they all boast a rimless, circular shape that fits snuggly against the head before flaring out. The variety is surely due to the personal preferences of those who have worn them. Indeed, although various people have opted for berets throughout the years — including artists and activists, not to mention shepherds — there is one stylish nation you may automatically associate with this particular type of hat. Rosabelle Forzy, the CEO of Laulhère and the only artisan crafter of berets left in France, told The Zoe Report, "The beret is iconic of French fashion. It's unisex, can be worn on all occasions, and works with all shapes of faces and hairstyles. C'est le chic à la francaise [It's French chic]."

As for braids, they perfectly suit a beret. You simply need to create the braid (or braids) of your choice and ensure that your hair is smooth so it remains flat beneath the hat. Of course, you first need to decide which braids you want to try first.

Beret with double braids

Keep things simple yet super-stylish by opting to wear two braids (one on either side) with your beret. Both tight and loose braids would work, so you can either choose the one you prefer or switch it up from day to day. You can also wear the braids and hat alone or pull a few bangs forward on either side to let the strands frame your face. A look that can suit hair of different lengths could mean you can continue to wear a beret when you cut your hair short or grow it out.

Beret with a single braid

A single braid works just as well with a beret while still giving you plenty of options when it comes to making the look your own. For instance, you might want to try a thick, loose braid along with oh-so-slightly curled bangs that are brushed off to the side. Or you may want a tight braid that hangs down your back while the rest of your hair is slick and smooth. You can also make this a pristinely put-together look or go for a more relaxed and natural boho vibe.

Beret with a fishtail braid

Create a splash with your style by wearing a beret along with a side fishtail braid. A hairstyle that boasts a unique design that differs from a typical braid thanks to the fact that it's created using two sections of hair instead of three, it can be a simple way to change things up. If you've nailed the weaving technique needed to create a fishtail braid on one side, you may want to try wearing one down your back or opting for one on either side.

Beret with micro braids

When you wear a beret with micro braids, you'll surely find that the classic hat enhances the aesthetic of the already polished and timeless hairstyle. On top of that, although a beret is a fantastic choice of accessory for all lengths, there's no denying that it looks absolutely fabulous with super-long micro braids that reach down to your waist. If this has piqued your interest, you might also want to consider adding a subtle and stunning ombré effect to take the look up a notch.

Beret with a crown braid

Take a different approach to this style by weaving your hair into a crown braid before popping on a beret. Not only is this a wonderfully unique option, but it also allows you to wear your hair up off your neck. Although it may appear as if you need incredibly thick bangs to pull this off, you instead simply want to create a high braid that you twist around your head so it creates a crown around the front. Pin the braid back and add your hat to finish off the look.