Inspo To Keep Trendy 3D Nails Simple Enough For Everyday Wear

There is something so amazing about the looks of 3D nails. For those who don't know, 3D nails are when you have physical accents that pop out on the nail. This can be done in a myriad of ways using extra acrylic, glue, pearls, and so much more. These accents can cause your nails to look super intricate, like a work of art attached to your finger. While this nail trend may have started with celebrities as a statement piece for the red carpet, it has gone mainstream.

Believe it or not, 3D nails can seamlessly be incorporated into an everyday manicure. Although they can be seen as "out there" for some people, certain accents can be incorporated to create beautiful nails that would be appropriate wherever you go. If it's hard to picture some nail sets, we at Glam have curated a list of 3D nails that your manicurist will love doing.

Dip your nails in gold

This new take on a French tip is a great way to embrace 3D nails. The idea is to use extra acrylic along the tip of the nails and then cover it with nail polish and a chrome finish. While this looks amazing in gold, the metallic look can be done with almost any color.

Add a few acrylic hearts

There is something about adding a few hearts that always looks good on nails. If you're going for a monochromatic nail look, ask your nail tech to use a little bit of acrylic to create a few 3D hearts. These are great because you can keep them small or build them up based on your preference.

Rhinestones are a girl's best friend

The day's rhinestone nails could be seen as tacky are long gone, seeing as they are making a comeback. Rhinestones are a classic nail staple when it comes to 3D nail art. You can add one or multiple, but make sure your nail technician covers them with a top coat so they seal on the nail.

Make one cohesive design

Freehand nail art is the ultimate manicure trend, and taking a 3D spin on it is a great way to create an eye-catching look. Using nail glue, as TikTok user Slayedbykayllc did, you can create one long cohesive design on one or all of your nails to create a stunning appearance. To add a pop of color, consider using chrome to have your design pop amongst your nails.

Embrace mermaid core with pearls

If you don't feel like adding rhinestones, pearls are another option for the ultimate summer manicure. These can be perfect for channeling your inner mermaid without needing anything else. Like the rhinestones, make sure they are applied securely by a nail technician that has experience doing 3D manicures.

You can go wrong with floral accents

Acrylic florals are amazing for those who want an accent nail with an extra pop. These little flowers can be made using acrylic and create the perfect pattern, which would be appreciated all year long. For questions regarding size, talk to your nail technician about how big you should get them as well as what color would be best suited.