The Bucket Hat Trend Is Sticking Around This Summer - Here's How To Pull It Off

Summer has rolled around yet again, and with it, we're seeing a variety of old and new (but mostly old) style trends come on the scene. The popular coconut girl aesthetic is taking us back to kitschy '00s beach vacations; tube dresses are all the rage for minimalist outfits, and we wouldn't be surprised to see you walking down the street sporting Y2K hair gems. Sure, trends come and go, but we're grateful that some reliable trends have stuck around from year to year. This summer, our favorite always-on-trend piece to style also doubles as sun protection, which we see as a huge win-win. That's right: We're diving into bucket hats. 

Why are bucket hats forever a popular summer style? Firstly, they're wearable across all seasons, meaning you'll definitely get the bang for your buck when you invest in a new bucket hat or two. They're also the perfect casual accessory for when you need to add a little something extra to your outfit, and as a '90s streetwear staple, they're ultra-in now that we're seeing '90s trends come back on the scene. If you're looking to make a little throwback moment as part of your summer style and want to incorporate some sun protection while you're at it, a bucket hat is one piece you'll probably reach for all summer long.

Grayscale patterns are bold and versatile

If you're in the market for a new bucket hat and want to be able to wear it across all seasons (and with pretty much any outfit), opt for one in a grayscale pattern. You could simply go for a solid neutral, but a grayscale plaid like the hat above can add some extra pizzazz to your 'fits. 

Your favorite luxury brand may have some bucket hats

Are you a luxury-loving girl for whom bucket hats have always felt a bit too casual? We've got some welcome news for you, friend: There's a good chance your favorite luxury brand has slapped its signature logo on a bucket hat or two. You can find one from Jacquemus (pictured above), and brands like Prada, Dior, and Gucci have also released their own takes on the bucket hat trend. 

Or you could sport your favorite team

Maybe you're more of a sports enthusiast who will be spending all summer at your home team's stadium. If that's the case, a bucket hat is a great way to show your support whether you're watching a game or out on the town. 

An ultra-wide brim offers mysterious allure

Are you looking for something a little more casual than the trendy floppy sun hat but one that can still offer a similar air of mystery? If allure is your vibe (or you just don't want to accidentally make eye contact with strangers on the beach), shop around for a bucket hat with an ultra-wide brim. As a bonus, it'll offer your face more sun protection than the standard bucket hat. 

A denim bucket hat can go with anything

Are you in the market for a bucket hat you can wear with literally anything under the sun? If so, a denim bucket hat is probably the way to go. Solid denim would work just fine, of course, but if you want a bit more flair, find a patchwork denim hat to add some visual interest to any outfit. 

Find a bucket hat with a peek-a-boo pattern

Maybe your vibes are fairly plain and simple, but you're a gal who loves to sport a hint of pattern every now and again. Lucky for you, bucket hats can cater to that vibe, too. Simply find one that sports a plain outside and a pattern on the inside, or get a reversible one where one side is printed and one side solid. 

Go quaint with crocheted granny squares

If you feel the most at home sporting nostalgic weaves (that may also be on an ages-old quilt somewhere in your house), find a crocheted bucket hat that capitalizes on granny squares. Whether you buy a handmade one or choose to make one on your own, this comforting pattern is one you'll likely get endless compliments on when you wear it out and about. 

You could try crocheting your own bucket hat

If you need a reason to take up crocheting, here's the perfect one: Knowing how to crochet will let you make your own bucket hats. Surprisingly, bucket hats are a great beginner crochet option, and is there anything more satisfying than wearing something you've made yourself? 

A bucket hat is a must-have for your beach vaca

It probably goes without saying that a bucket hat is a great accessory to take to the beach, but in case you need some convincing: Have you ever gotten a sunburn on your scalp? It's not pretty (or comfortable), so go ahead and prevent it by bringing a bucket hat on your next beach vacation. 

Find a bucket hat with some texture

Are you reluctant to hop on any trend because you need to stand out from the crowd a little bit? Don't worry; there's a bucket hat out there for you — it just might be a textured one. Fuzzy, feathered, or otherwise textured bucket hats are the perfect offbeat option for gals who want to try the bucket hat trend without being too mainstream about it. 

Checkered patterns are cute and timeless

We all love a good pattern, but it's no secret that some patterns don't really stand the test of time. If you want to wear a bucket hat in a pattern that's not likely to go anywhere anytime soon, opt for one in a checkered print, preferably one that sports bright summer colors. 

A tight houndstooth pattern is sophisticated and ultra wearable

Are you a sophisticated gal who can't be bothered by wearing anything less than chic? If so, a tight houndstooth pattern could be the perfect bucket hat for you. Even though bucket hats are innately casual, a houndstooth pattern can elevate it a bit, making it the perfect in-between piece for when you want to look both chic and approachable. 

Or capitalize on the summer's cutest bright patterns

Maybe you want to stand out in all the best ways by sporting bright colors and patterns that can't help but be noticed on the street. If that's the case, opt for a bucket hat that sports a bright color and summer pattern. Personally, we're obsessed with the pink strawberry bucket hat pictured above. 

Wear a bucket hat over your hijab

If you wear a hijab, it may seem difficult to style a bucket hat alongside it, but it's totally doable. Look for a bucket hat that matches your hijab if you want the look to be ultra seamless. For added elegance, opt for one with a subtle pattern like the butterflies above. 

Make your bucket hat match the rest of your bold 'fit

We all have that staple summer outfit that we find ourselves reaching for every time it's in our clean laundry. Whatever this outfit is for you, do yourself a favor and find a bucket hat to match. If you're feeling super extra, you could even make one to match, like in the stunning green gingham outfit above. 

Make your bucket hat the focal point of your 'fit

Listen, your bucket hat doesn't just have to complement your outfit, nor do you need to plan the hat around the outfit. When you find a stellar bucket hat that deserves all the attention in the world, plan your outfit around it, and deck yourself out in neutrals to let it shine in all its glory. 

White bucket hats are effortlessly chic

So you're a girl who loves casual summer vibes, but you also need to make your own summer outfits a little elevated. You love jumping on the latest trends, but you have to do it your own chic way. You can totally still wear a bucket hat, but why not wear one in white? You'll still look chic as anything while feeling casual enough to spend all day in a beach chair. 

While a black bucket hat can give you some fierce edge

On the other hand, maybe you're an edgy gal looking forward to the end of summer, so you can capitalize on all the witchy vibes that fall has to offer. Believe it or not, you can still wear bucket hats — just grab one or two in solid black. Bonus points if you can find a bucket hat in black leather. 

Yellow can reflect your sunny disposition

Maybe you love summer, and you find yourself waking up at the crack of dawn every day just to fit in all your favorite summer activities. Go ahead and do all the summer things, but do them in a yellow bucket hat to really hammer home how much you love the season. 

Plant prints are perfect for coconut girl vibes

Are you an avid fan of the trendy coconut girl aesthetic? You're already sporting souvenir shop shirts and an armful of woven friendship bracelets, so go ahead and add a plant-printed bucket hat into the mix. It'll only hype up all your coconut girl vibes, and if you can score one in throwback color combos (like blue and brown or pink and green), we envy you. 

Match it to your swimsuit

If the name of your summer game is all about coordination, we've got a hot idea for you: Match a bucket hat to your go-to summer swimsuit. Yes, this may mean you have to make your own hat (maybe even crochet your own suit), but hey, that's just a chance to learn a new skill. 

Go with an ocean-inspired print

Are you looking forward to spending all summer soaking up the sun at the beach? Go for it and get that sun, girl — but not without wearing a bucket hat for some sun protection. Better yet, make the hat match your beachy vibes by finding one in an ocean-inspired pattern, like a seashell or ocean animal print. 

Use a bucket hat to make a monochrome outfit

We don't know about you, but we're obsessed with a good one-tone, monochromatic outfit — and a bucket hat is one way to take your monochrome look to the next level. Make it blend in seamlessly when you find one the exact shade of the rest of your 'fit, or let it stand out a bit by wearing one a couple of shades lighter or darker.

Yes, animal prints are still very wearable

Animal prints are the new neutrals, making them ultra-wearable. We especially love the interest they can add to an outfit when worn as accessory pieces. This makes a bucket hat the perfect way to let your love for everything animal print shine. Want to go extra bold? A bucket hat in a black and white cow or zebra print can make for a stunning, fun statement piece this season. 

Go simple with a single summer flower

If your style this summer is giving no-nonsense, simple, yet still playful vibes, we have the perfect bucket hat for you. Find a bucket hat in a summery pastel color that sports a single flower on the front. If you want a bit more of a pattern, one that has a print of several small, dainty flowers can achieve the same effect. 

A fruit print also gives major summer vibes

Are floral patterns not your thing? We totally get it, and luckily for you, florals aren't the only summer pattern out there — fruit patterns also give great summer vibes, especially when used on a bucket hat. A single piece of fruit can make a statement, or an all-over pattern can give off a more eclectic vibe.