Cuticle Tattoos Are The Next Hot Ink Trend - Your Guide To The Look

Among the unconventional places you could get a tattoo, this includes your fingers. You may have seen cuticle tattoos done with henna ink, and they've become an increasingly popular choice for stick-and-poke tattoos as well as traditional tattoo machines. Cuticle tattoos have been seen on many famous artists like Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and Ariana Grande, and if you need more inspiration, we've compiled a few unique designs to get your ideas flowing.

Despite their name, these tattoos are not done on your actual cuticles. They are done on the top knuckle or slightly below it, tattoo artist Jaz Paulino told InStyle. They can be painful, considering it's on a bony part of your body with lots of nerve endings and thin skin, but because they don't take very long to complete, the pain is short-lived. However, according to Paulino via InStyle, the aftercare for cuticle tattoos is the same as any other tattoo. "Keep them clean, moisturized — but not too oversaturated — and protected (especially from the sun)," she tells the publication. As always, listen to your tattoo artist's advice and instructions when caring for a new tattoo.

Simple dots

Even the simplest and tiniest tattoos look great on fingers. You can vary the amount of dots or symbols on each finger and hand. These designs are perfect for anyone who loves minimalistic tattoos. They're also done in very little time and are less painful than larger designs, which is always a major plus. 

Lettering tattoos

Your fingers are a captivating canvas to spell out any short phrases that have meaning to you. People will usually get one word on each hand, spelling them out on each finger to complete the phrase when they put their fingers side by side. For example, "self-love," "stay true," and "good luck" are a few popular lettering tattoos on the fingers. Work with your tattoo artist to decide which font and style suits you best. 

Symbols of nature

It's common to see cuticle tattoo designs inspired by nature, such as vines, leaves, flowers, the sun, the moon, or anything that inspires you. In other words, you can have vines that flow from one finger to the next, as shown in the design above, or dedicate each finger to a different symbol. 

Just one finger

If you're cautious about getting all of your fingers tattooed, you can always get just one. We see this with the wedding ring tattoo trend, a creative way to tie the knot with a partner. For symmetry, your middle finger is a great choice to put a tattoo on. However, you can put it wherever you feel best. 


This is a super fun take on the cuticle tattoo trend. Channel your inner Peter Parker with these intricate spider web tattoos. Though you won't be able to shoot spiderwebs, you'll have a unique and creative tattoo to show off. The ink on hand tattoos is prone to spread over time, tattoo artist Diana Divina explains to InStyle. Therefore, it's best to have thin linework done so the ink doesn't meld together in the future.

Moon phases

The moon phase design is another unique and creative spin on the cuticle tattoo trend. Starting from one pinky finger to the other, go through each moon phase. There are eight phases, so it works out perfectly when you leave out your thumbs. You can think of it as harnessing the power of the moon through your fingertips.