Extreme Tailoring Will Be The Name Of The Game This Fall (Bye, Slouchy Silhouettes)

Is anyone else getting tired of baggy clothes and starting to miss more fitted silhouettes? Sure, casual streetwear-inspired outfits and the baggy jean trend are fun for days off and laid-back looks, but we miss seeing more people celebrating their unique shapes and sizes with body-hugging, tailored garments. Form-fitted pieces are just more flattering than slouchy clothes on all bodies, and there's no denying that. Luckily, it looks like those curve-hugging fits are about to make a comeback back, thanks to fashion designers.

"Designers championed tailoring for fall ... Throughout the collections, there was a strong emphasis on tailoring featuring statement shoulders and hourglass silhouettes, as seen at Balmain, for example ... I think we will continue to see this trend throughout the upcoming season," Net-a-Porter market director Libby Page told Who What Wear. We can't wait to put aside our baggy pieces and embrace ultra-flattering, fitted clothing.

Figure-flattering dresses are bringing the heat

Tailored, perfectly fitted dresses aren't only for weddings and proms anymore. Donning a form-fitting dress can help you look and feel beautiful and sexy in any setting. So, why wear one that doesn't fit in a flattering way? Get a mini constructed to show off your unique body and curves for a seductive, skin-tight silhouette.

Tailored and fitted jeans are back

Honestly, we're tired of all the baggy denim. Whether you like fitted jeans or not, the right tailored, body-hugging jeans can do wonders for every body type, so we're excited to put away the mom or boyfriend cuts and prove that skinny jeans aren't dead. Going the extra mile by getting your jeans tailored will also be worth the splurge, as they'll complement your body as no other garment could ever dream to do.

Tailored trousers are a more elegant option

If you want some tailored pants that appear dressier than jeans, you need a pair of tailored trousers. These flattering bottoms are an excellent alternative to skirts and dresses for those attending fancy events who prefer to wear pants. Tailored trousers look so classy with blouses!

More fitted blazers will have their moment

Sorry to everyone who enjoyed the oversized blazer trend, but cinched-waist blazers are coming to replace your oversized looks. The ultra-big blazer look is fun for wearing over bralettes or crop tops for casual-chic ensembles and nights out, but tailored blazers give you a more distinct shape. Perfect for professional and stylish settings, a fitted blazer won't overpower you, unlike the oversized style.

Movie star-like ensembles are coming

This fall, it's time to ditch the slouchy looks and wear clothes that complement our bodies again. While baggy silhouettes were fun for a minute, it's time to get glamorous once more and choose form-highlighting pieces over ultra-casual options. When we wear tailored clothes that perfectly fit our bodies, we feel like movie stars — whether or not we're sporting a vintage-inspired ensemble like this one.