Scarf 'Chain' Hack Ups Your Sunglass Styling Game (& Helps Keep Them In Place)

Among the likes of Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, and other iconic fashionistas who donned classic, chic styles towards the end of the Old Hollywood era, the pairing of a silk scarf and broad-rimmed, large sunglasses is a statement-making accoutrement. Now, imagine the ageless elegance of silk scarves and sunglasses mixed with a DIY hack shared through the global channels of social media. This scarf hack makes it possible for you to live in your own golden era while also securing your sunglasses. That's a win-win in the best of ways! 

Without the stress of fretting about your sunglasses falling off or blowing away from a gust of wind, you'll be able to relax and wear the timeless fashion pieces with the utmost ease and confidence. Sunglass holders of a variety of materials, inventions, and business-backed patents have been around for decades, but if you find yourself in a bind without tailored sunglass beads, Croakies, or any other type of security for your sunnies, then grab a scarf to quickly tie around both temples DIY-style. Here's how to dashingly secure your sunglasses. 

Securing your sunglasses

When you're outdoors for the day, on the water with wind blowing, or just going for a casual walk, discovering that your sunglasses are no longer in your possession because they've either fallen off or blown away somewhere along your path is a crushing feeling. This is especially true if the pair you've just lost was your favorite and an accessory you'd grown accustomed to wearing nearly every day. Fortunately, there is a very easy fix for the conundrum of not having anything to keep your sunglasses on your head. TikTok user @sophiappauline provides the most ingenious DIY hack involving nothing more than a simple scarf. As you rush to leave, grab a spare scarf from your closet and spend no more than a few minutes — seriously, just a couple of minutes — to craft a classy fashion statement that will also keep your sunglasses safely attached as you go about your daily activities. 

The hack works best with a silk scarf, but any scarf of approximately 12 to 22 inches in height and width made from a lightweight material like cotton will work. You'll want to avoid your bulky, heavy winter scarves for this hack as they probably won't tie very well to the slim temples of your trendy sunglasses. Once you locate a silk scarf, cotton square, bandana, or necktie, you're ready to secure your sunnies! 

Simple mechanisms manifest miraculous results

Once your scarf is in hand, simply tie one corner or end onto each temple of your sunglasses. Winding the material to manipulate the fabric into thinner string-like shapes for achieving tighter knots is helpful. After tightly knotting your scarf onto summer's best sunglasses, you're ready to lean into your golden era and aesthetic of an Old Hollywood icon swimming in the relaxation of knowing your sunglasses are safe, rather than swimming away post-gust.

Building upon this DIY sunnies security system, additional hacks employ backup support from rubber bands, hair ties, elastics, scrunchies, and similar household items used to fasten objects, says Warby Parker. If it can tie tresses in place, it can likely adhere scarves to sunglasses. Since elastic bands have more grip strength than silk or cotton fabric, this technique is essentially an enhanced security method for the scarf-sunnies hack. Wrap the elastics around the knotted scarf already fastened to your sunglasses for a double layer of attachment. For camouflaging, search for elastic bands of similar colors to your scarf's palette. Some users with thick locks prefer using hair tires to secure sunglasses directly onto strands, while others use elastic bands to create looped chains that extend from temple-to-temple.

"I think I'm going to be obsessed with this," says TikTok user @sophiappauline in her tutorial of the hack. Trust the quick, practice process — you'll be obsessed with this, too!