'French Riviera Face': The Bronzed Makeup Trend To Wear With (& Without) Yacht Fashion

What first thought comes to mind when you think of the French Riviera? We bet it's some version of chic, elegant celebrities dressed to the nines, as is evident from social media feeds and a number of important events that are hosted in this part of the world. As we recover from the frenzy of the Cannes Film Festival in particular, we are taking the fashion inspo we gleaned from it up a notch by applying the concept to our makeup looks in addition to our fashion game.

As the trendsetters see it, the "French Riviera Face" translates to a bronzed goddess makeup look that tells the world you just spent ample time under the Riviera sun. It is characterized by fresh, sun-kissed dewy skin paired with a bold color on the lip. Makeup artist Jason Hoffman gives the lowdown to Marie Claire on how to get the look, "Start with a weightless complexion using a sheer tint or opt for just a dab of concealer where needed." He then advocates applying lots of bronzer to mimic a natural and deep tan and round off the look with a statement-worthy lip.

It is natural to want to pair this makeup look with yacht fashion but believe us when we say you can rock it with any kind of outfit or vibe.

Bronze goddess + bold waves = fresh beauty

The secret to achieving the French Riviera face is to look chic and put together. In other words, don't be afraid to play up the bronze makeup on your eyes, cheeks, and lips. You can pair it with bold, blonde curls to channel your inner French goddess.

Browns are your best friend

There is something about brown-nude tones that can amp up the earthy tan look. For a bronzed makeup look, therefore, brown monochromatic shades on the eyes and lips are an easy way to achieve this look if that is the vibe you are going for.

Don't forget the bold lip

To nail this look, do a bold lip, preferably in a deep chocolate brown shade is essential. You can play around with the lip formula, whether that's glossy or matte is your choice, but stick to deep and bold colors to make an impact.

A red lip is a good option

Browns are not the only way to play with this trend. You could also try wearing a beautiful red lip with the overall bronzed makeup look to channel some old-world glamour. A sexy dress and your confidence are the only other accessories you need.

Don't forget the highlight

For a sun-kissed beauty look, the lit-from-within glow simply cannot be ignored. Bringing out your shiniest highlighter is the trick to achieving this look. Champagne or gold shades are ideal to add to the bronzey goodness. Be liberal with the product by adding it to all the high points of your face.

A minimal take on the look

In your attempt to recreate the French Riviera face, there is no need to pile on layers upon layers of makeup. The look can easily be achieved with minimal products for effortless glam. For it to succeed, be sure to use bronzer and blush, loads of mascara, and a shiny, clear gloss.

Get your gold on

The term 'golden girls' has taken on a whole new meaning in the context of this makeup trend. In keeping with the idea of the golden hour being the time of day when we get the best lighting, why not douse ourselves in all things gold in terms of makeup? The final result will ensure you nail the French Riviera makeup trend.