How To Recreate The Ocean Eyes Makeup Trend (It's An Aquamarine Dream)

It's mermaidcore meets aqua blue and lavender haze. Hailey Bieber's recent glam look involving ocean eyes was so smoothly and carefully shaded across her lids that it recalled the waters of Cabo San Lucas or a similar turquoise paradise. As the model and makeup mogul continues to make waves with her cosmetics line, Rhode Skin, Bieber has taken to making her own splash in setting glamorous trends with creative takes on trendy aesthetics. This includes under the sea-inspired looks a la "The Little Mermaid" and throwbacks to the '80s, '90s, and early '00s. Dressed in a bodycon white dress with back and side cutouts, her pastel glittering aquamarine eye makeup captivated fans on social media. Now makeup mavens want to recreate the ocean eyes sported by the model — and the good news is that it's a fairly simple DIY look. 


When paired with ocean-inspired accessories, beach fashion, and elements of your personal style — just as Bieber included elements of her individual styling — you'll be set for bringing the ocean directly to you without having to hop on planes or cross continents to get to the beaches of Cabo or the teal waters of the Caribbean. 

Pull out a pastel eyeshadow palette

With the rising popularity of this summer's mermaidcore trends, each builds upon the next. There are numerous ways to create ocean eyes, using everything from monochrome to thermal color-changing and holographic eyeshadow. Now there's Hailey Bieber's pastel tropical-inspired blue eye makeup that makes mermaidcore more subtle, subdued, and low-key. To achieve the look of the Rhode Skin founder's ocean eyes, use a neutral base or a nude tone with the slightest amount of shimmer. On top of the sheer, nude, or barely glittering base, add very light amounts of pale blue eyeshadow, perhaps choosing two or three shades from your palette for a pastel ombre vibe. 


Hailey Bieber previously wore what she called an ocean eyes makeup look with just blue liner on her waterline, which she fashioned after one of Billie Eilish's looks. In Bieber's newest iteration of ocean eyes, her waterline is left untouched, adding to the seamless oceanic effect. Bieber's current eye look is reminiscent of Meghan Thee Stallion's blueberry ice lips, which the music artist debuted earlier this summer. In the rapper's lip look, a sparkling blue outline contrasts with a paler center. Hailey Bieber's ocean eyes look is the eyeshadow accompaniment to Meghan's lip fashion, and we're here for the icy blue palette this season!

White eyeliner and glitter give you ocean shimmer

With a touch of Caribbean flair channeling teal and turquoise waters, the ocean eyes glam look can be achieved in as few as two products, or even one if you opt merely for light blue shadow. For a full ocean-inspired look, though, mermaidcore brings under-the-sea vibes to the surface with a healthy dose of glitter. Hailey Bieber's ocean eyes glam look, which was a work of art by her good friend and highly skilled makeup artist Leah Darcy, was created by brushing over a single layer of silver glitter shadow to give Bieber's eyes the appearance of sunlight glistening off tropical ocean waters. If you don't have silver shadow in your palette, any translucent or iridescent eyeshadow can be substituted to create the same visual illusion of ocean waves on your eyelids. 


Taking the ocean eyes look a step further, pay homage to your favorite vision of paradise by adding white eyeliner beneath the light blue and silver or iridescent eyeshadow. Be creative and play around with your products until you find the look that works best for you, especially if it calls to mind sandy beaches and aquamarine waters.