'Angel Nails' Bring A Gentle Shine To The Naked Nail Trend

In a world where we are seeing a rise of trendy 3D nails for everyday wear, we are also seeing people gravitate to a much more subtle nail. Angel nails, created by celebrity nail technician Tom Bachik, is a shiny take on a basic manicure. Unveiled on Selena Gomez herself, angel nails are a nude manicure with a glitter top coat to give it a heavenly appearance. According to Bachik's Instagram, he created the look using Après Nail gel polish in Cherub and then sealed it with its top coat Heavenly.

The special thing about this set of nails is that it creates an eye-catching look while still maintaining a minimalist style. This can be seen as one of the low-maintenance mani trends that still stuns this summer. Plus, this style can be revamped and styled in a way that anyone can wear and will look amazing on them.

Play with your nail polish

When it comes to angel manicures, do not feel limited to the amount of base coat or flitter you want to use. While some of us want to highlight our natural nails with a wash of shimmer, you can still get the look across with an opaque pink or more shimmer. Regardless of what you use, it will be stunning.

Make it sharp

If you have short nails or want something a little more daring, keep it sharp with stiletto acrylic nails. To keep the angel nail aesthetic, do a pink to off-white ombre to mimic your natural nails. Afterward, apply a glitter top coat, and enjoy your new nails.

Add French tips

Those who are fans of a French tip, don't be afraid to add it to your angel nails. Because the base is nude, a French tip can be easily incorporated into your manicure. After you create your French to your liking, add a glitter top coat for a clean look.

Don't limit yourself to the glitter

Since glitter is a staple to the angel nail look, it's important to note you can use an array of glitters on your nail. For a fun take on the nail design, add chunky glitter to some of your nails while placing a subtle shimmering top coat on the others.

The sky's the limit with design

If you love a good design, do not hesitate to add them to your angel nails. The gorgeous nude manicure is subtle enough that any design will pop around it. As for the designs, they can be created using stickers, water decals, and even other nail polishes.