10 Outdated Denim Trends We're Ditching This Summer

Denim, oh, denim: From its humble beginnings as durable workwear to its iconic status in the world of high fashion, denim has truly stood the test of time. Now, while the trends we're about to bid farewell to may seem passé, it's essential to remember that fashion is a captivating merry-go-round, forever spinning in circles of reinvention; the denim styles we're saying goodbye to today might just find their way back into our lives a year or two from now. So, don't be too quick to say farewell to them forever; after all, fashion has a way of surprising us by resurrecting the most unexpected trends (yes, bucket hats, we're looking at you).

Also, keep in mind that fashion is all about you. While trends come and go, your personal style remains constant. If you like a particular denim piece, don't let ever-changing trends stop you from rocking it. Whether you're embracing the latest denim craze or holding onto a timeless favorite, what truly matters is how you feel when you wear it. That said, let's embark on a journey through the denim trends that are best kept in the closet (for now).

Say bye-bye to high-waisted skinny jeans

High-waisted skinny jeans were all the rage in the late 2000s and early 2010s, but if you haven't given them a much-needed break yet, it's definitely time to do so. Current denim trends are leaning toward a more relaxed vibe, and while high-waisted styles are still in, now it's all about pairing them with wider legs or a vintage-inspired flair. Ultimately, it's time to ditch your skinny jeans. Still, there's a loophole: You can rock them if you opt for a low-waisted pair instead to channel the Y2K look.

Matchy-matchy no more: Embrace the art of contrasting denim

Double denim was the epitome of fashion perfection just a couple of years ago, but this summer, we're ditching the overly thought-through coordination and embracing a more carefree approach to denim styling. While combining different denim pieces is still très chic, going for the exact same color from head to toe can look a bit too matchy-matchy. So, instead of painstakingly matching every denim piece, it's time to mix it up and play with different shades — it's way more fun that way, anyway.

Overly distressed denim takes the backseat

Distressed denim has been a rebellious staple in our wardrobes for years, and while we still adore its edgy charm, it's time to say goodbye to it. Today, it's all about striking a balance between a little wear and tear and maintaining an overall polished look. Letting the distressed spots complement your outfit rather than stealing the show is key. Opt for denim with subtle distressing, such as a few well-placed rips or frayed edges, to achieve that effortlessly cool vibe without your outfit looking like it survived a tussle with a wild animal.

From ultra low to ultra no: moving on from extreme low-rise jeans

Ultra low-rise jeans made quite the splash in the early Y2K era. We couldn't escape their presence, as they graced red carpets as much as they did clubs. Even though super low-rise jeans had their comeback moment recently, the trend quickly faded away. While low-rise jeans are still going strong, it's time to say bye to the ultra-low-rise styles that have our underwear peeking out for all to see — not because we want to keep it classy but because super low-rise jeans are simply uncomfortable.

Daisy Dukes

While Daisy Dukes are known for showing off those sun-kissed legs and announcing the beginning of summertime freedom, this year's jean shorts trends are slightly different. Daisy Dukes will always have a nostalgic place in our hearts, but slightly longer and looser denim shorts have taken center stage. They provide a more relaxed and effortless look that's perfect for casual, everyday wear. However, put on a pair of heels and a gorgeous top, and you're ready to conquer the night, too.

Say goodbye to patchwork denim

Patchwork denim certainly had its moment in the fashion spotlight. For a couple of years, patchwork jeans and jean jackets reigned supreme, as they added extra artistic flair to outfits, but as trends evolve, we're starting to see the slow fade of patchwork denim. The current denim trends lean toward a more diverse approach — instead of rocking a single patchwork piece, it's all about combining different denim pieces in various shades.

Overly baggy jeans are best left in 2022

While the baggy jeans trend isn't going anywhere anytime soon, it's clear that overly baggy silhouettes are taking a backseat in today's fashion landscape. Yes, we love the comfort and laid-back appeal of baggy jeans, but going overboard with the volume can quickly result in us drowning in our outfits. Instead, consider going for a slimmer or more tapered fit, as this will still give you that relaxed and casual feel while maintaining a sleeker silhouette.

Swap out cropped jeans for cuffed ones

Cropped jeans had their moment as the preppy way to rock denim, and while they're still around, cropped jeans may not be the trendiest option anymore. If you're looking to show a little leg, consider a more carefree and casual approach: Simply cuff your jeans. Cuffing your jeans is an easy way to give your old denim a fresh lease on life without permanently altering your jeans. Whether you opt for a single, double, or messily rolled-up cuff, this style exudes a cool nonchalant vibe.

Tight denim jackets should stay in the back of your closet

Oversized denim jackets have taken the fashion scene by storm, mostly thanks to the rise in popularity of thrifting. Whether you opt for a longline jacket that offers extra coverage or a cropped version that adds a playful touch, oversized styles are the way to go. Unfortunately, this means that any tight denim jackets are best kept at the back of your closet — at least for now.

Say goodbye to fading: Embrace solid-wash denim

Faded denim had its place in the fashion industry for quite some time, but 2023 is all about rethinking the fading, especially when it comes to jeans. While faded denim can still have its cool factor, the particular fading effect on jeans around the thighs and knees is currently out of style. Instead, pick a pair in a solid wash for a much cleaner look that easily pairs with both casual and formal tops.