20 Ways To Rock The Peach Hair Color Trend This Summer

That we're seeing bright colors take over the style world in every way, shape, and form this summer comes as no surprise. From bright, monochromatic outfits to summery peach highlighter, fun and playful shades are where it's at, and your hair is no exception. One hair color we're seeing ascend in popularity this summer is a more mellow take on the pink Barbiecore trend. That's right: We're talking about peach hair, and it's a color trend we can't get enough of. 

Pastel hair colors have been on the rise for a bit now, and we're delighted to see peach hues enter the scene. Softer peach is a welcome variation from the bright oranges and pinks we've been seeing, still retaining the summer vibes that brighter shades offer. A subtle peach can give just a hint of summer fun, while a brighter peach is perfect for beach days, and you can even make the shade more orange- or pink-toned depending on your look or personality. If you're looking to adopt a new hair color this season that's just as fun and free-spirited as you are, peach may be the ideal summer hair color for you. 

Keep it edgy by combining peach hair with a shag cut

Peach is a fun and flirty color in any scenario, but if your vibes lean a bit more toward the edgy side of things, go ahead and combine a muted peach color with a shaggy cut to keep from being too flirty. You could even leave your roots your natural color for a carefree, lived-in look.  

Make it extra warm for summer months

On the other hand, maybe you're only looking to exude fun vibes this season. You want everybody to know at first glance that you're a carefree soul down for a good time. If that's the case, opt for a warm peach that's almost orange. This color will tell everybody that you're equally as ready to party as you are to chill on the beach all day. 

Make it into a beachy ponytail

Speaking of beaches, peach is a must-wear hair hue if you'll be soaking up the sun all summer long. If you're looking forward to spending your days lounging in the sand and the surf, peach hair captures those vibes impeccably. Just make sure to throw your peach hair up in a beachy ponytail before you hit the waves. 

Make it look almost pink

Sure, bright peach hair is great for summer, but what if you want your color to easily transition to fall? For a trans-seasonal take on the peach hair color trend, opt for a peach shade that leans more toward the rose gold end of the spectrum. This muted pink hue can be effortlessly translated to fit any of your beloved fall ensembles. 

Put half of it into a top knot

Maybe a peach hair dye job isn't enough to capture the entirety of your flirty, carefree essence. If this is the case, styling your peach hair correctly is a must. For example, you could give your classic messy bun an upgrade by pulling half your hair into a top knot. This is a fun summer style that's as easy on the eyes as you are.

Do multiple peach tones to add dimension

Is single-toned peach hair just not doing it for you? If so, feel free to incorporate some Barbiecore elements to take it up a notch — namely, add in some bright pink hues. Getting multi-toned peach hair will add some effortless dimension to your style, and you'll probably find yourself getting compliments on it wherever you turn. 

Give it an ombré fade into blonde

If you don't want to go all peach, don't. Instead, why not incorporate peach into an ombré hair color job? You could get peach hair that fades into a natural blond (or let your natural blond hair fade into peach), or even have your peach fade into another favorite summer color, like pink, orange, or yellow. 

Give it some red at the root

Maybe you're a bit more of a rock 'n' roll chick who needs to give some of her own flair to any trend she adopts. In that case, add some seamless edge to your hair by dyeing it red at the root and then fading it into peach. This color looks great on all hair types, but we especially love how it looks when combined with some beachy waves. 

Just dye the underside of your hair

If you want to ease yourself into the peach hair trend or just want to take it for a test run, get a split dye job and just dye the underside of your hair peach. An underside peach dye will make updos extra fun to wear, and it offers a hint of summer vibes even when you wear your hair down. 

Combine it with yellow

Maybe you're unwilling to give up the Barbiecore fashion trend anytime soon (we don't blame you). If you've found yourself relentlessly adopting Barbiecore, combine a pinky-peach hair color with yellow in a split-dye style. Every onlooker with any Barbie knowledge will be instantly reminded of her classic yellow skates, and this is a look we wouldn't be surprised to see persisting into next summer, too. 

Don't worry — peach hair can still look edgy

We get it: Your look tends toward the dark, edgy, and goth styles, and you're reluctant to compromise that this season, even for a summer hair color trend. Well, we have some good news for you: With peach hair, you don't have to. Personally, we think peach hair looks stunning when styled with dark leather pieces and even a dark lip. 

Or you can give your peach hair a pinup look

Maybe your vibes are the antithesis of dark and edgy; you adopt anything and everything flirty and feminine, and pinup vibes are especially your favorite. We think peach hair was made for you. The next time you head to the salon, get bright, peach hair; then, when you get home, style it into your favorite pinup-inspired updo. 

Give your natural brown hair some peach highlights

Don't want to go all peach? Don't! A few peach highlights would look stunning on any natural hair color. Highlights offer a subtle take on the peach hair color trend and are an easy way to take it for a test run without fully committing. If you fall in love, feel free to go full peach next time you're at the salon. 

Peach hair can make a pixie stand out

If you've gotten a pixie cut to ward off heat in the summer months, you may be looking for a way to make your short cut stand out. Peach hair offers the perfect way to do just that. A peach hue is perfect no matter how short your hair is and adds extra personality to anything and everything you wear.

Make it more orange if you're a fire sign

Fire signs, this one is for you. Is light peach just not doing it for you? Your personality is more vibrant than that, and you need a hair color to match. If this is the case, get a peach shade that leans more toward orange. It's sure to be as bright as you are, leaving no question as to which of the four elements you embody. 

A barely-there peach gives subtle vibes

Maybe you fancy yourself more of a gentle soul. You don't love to attract a ton of attention, but you're looking to adopt a fun hair color nonetheless. If this sounds like you, opt for a lighter, barely-there peach. It's an effortlessly elegant shade that you'll probably find yourself opting for all season long. 

Just do it at the root

Another option if you just want to take peach for a test run is to get it only on your roots and leave the rest of your hair its natural color. We love how this style looks when pulled back into a messy bun, but it's equally as stunning when left down. It will likely require a bit more maintenance as your natural root grows in, though. 

Give it a pink money piece in the front

In case you missed it, money piece hair is a particularly decadent hair color trend that we've been seeing on the scene lately. To get money piece hair, simply dye one or two pieces in front a different color from the rest of your hair. You could leave your hair natural and give it a peach money piece, or, if you want a brighter look, dye your hair peach and give it pink or yellow money pieces in front. 

Get stunning golden hour vibes with peachy curls

Photographers, beware: You won't be able to stop yourselves from getting golden-hour shoots of this take on peach hair color. Peach looks gorgeous in golden hour light, and when combined with curls, it's an unmissable photo op that you'd be foolish not to capitalize on. 

Space buns and curtain bangs can give you fairytale

Do you love to capture fairy tale vibes every second of the day? Lucky for you, peach hair makes that easy. A light peach can be fairy tale-esque enough on its own, but if you want to capitalize on the enchanting vibes, wear it in space buns decorated with butterfly fashion clips.