If Barbie Blond Is Too Tame For You, Try The Doll's Pink Hair

Thanks to the "Barbie" movie starring Margot Robbie, fashionable folks are jumping on the Barbiecore fashion trend. Sparking a renewed love of accents that span from rosy blush to pink pedicures, you might also appreciate hairstyles inspired by the beloved toy. Of course, you might assume that means blond hair. However, if that's a little too tame for you, you can try a pink shade worthy of the iconic doll. It's also something that might suit more people than you realize.

"My clients with pink hair range from teachers to nightlife performers, therapists, lawyers, punks, students, children — you name it," Jeanise Aviles, a hair colorist and the co-owner of 1-900-Bleach Me, told Byrdie. At the same time, you want to make sure you choose a shade of pink that is just right for you and your hair. Julia Elena, the owner of Color ID, told Byrdie, "Light hair showcases the color better because the hair is already light. On dark hair, pink can be subtle, and grounded. It's important to discuss the shade of pink with your hair-colorist because brighter colors and even pastels will require darker hair to have the bleach stay in longer."

Although that might help you narrow things down a little, there are still plenty of options to consider. From a light shade that's rather subtle to a vibrant shade that can't be missed, there is surely a perfect pink for you and your style.

Subtle soft pink hair

If you're a little nervous about the idea of having pink hair, you can ease your way into a rosy Barbie-like vibe. Simply start with a white-blond base and finish it with a hint of a strawberry blush color. An option that would be the perfect choice for spring or summer when you might want a lighter look, this subtle shade will prove that all you need to do is add a touch of pink to your hair to end up with a stunning new look.

Light pink hair

Take it a step further into the trendy realm of Barbie pink hair with a shade slightly darker than a blush color but still wonderfully light. An option with an obviously sweet aesthetic is bold enough to also offer a bit of an edge. On top of that, light pink looks amazing when you're wearing your hair down in a casual style or a more formal updo. Of course, we have to assume it would look best while you're lounging around the pool or on a sunny beach.

Dark pink hair

Just because you want pink hair doesn't necessarily mean you have to opt for a light shade. Instead, your style-loving interest might be piqued by dark pink hair. A great option for anyone who already has dark hair and isn't eager to bleach it before applying a rosy shade might want to try a cherry pink color. Thanks to the fact that this option has a slight burgundy tinge, it ends up being a rich hue that can be incredibly flattering for a wide range of skin tones, eye colors, and personal tastes.

Bubblegum pink hair

There's no doubt bubblegum pink hair looks as good as it sounds. A classic version of the beloved Barbie-worthy color, it's the kind of pink that will stand out in the best kind of way. In this case, the bubblegum tone seems to have been accentuated with highlights ranging from deeper pops of pink to slightly peachy hues. That may just also be how this stunning shade appears when hit by natural light, in which case this real-life doll-like hair couldn't be any dreamier.

Raspberry pink hair

With a tiny touch of red to keep the tones in this color fabulously rich and just a hint of purple to take this shade to the next level, raspberry pink hair is as gorgeous as you might imagine. While this is an option that would be an ideal choice for anyone who wants to indulge in the Barbie-inspired trend, it's also so bold, so eye-catching, and so striking — not to mention so flattering — that it could very well end up being your new signature shade.