Slip Dress & Slingbacks Outfit Formula = The Easiest Sophisticated & Sleek Combo

For years, women have debated the perfect dinner dress and shoe combo, but not anymore — the answer is here, and it couldn't be easier. Hailey Bieber's casual influence on the fashion world strikes again like an angel-sent arrow to make us fall in love with yet another understated look. This time, her elevated evening street style has led us to embrace slip dresses and slingback shoes as our new dinner uniform.


Bieber was recently seen on one of her many date nights with her hubby wearing a dusty rose-colored slip dress that went down to mid-calf. This dress wasn't just a slip dress, however, but rather a subtle improvement upon what we know of slips — the delicate bust boasted a distinct, intricate stitching that differs from the simplicity of similar dresses. She added a discrete necklace and simple earrings as a finishing touch, and voilà. No heavy accessorizing was needed for the face of quiet luxury herself. Bieber is, without a doubt, at the forefront of simplistic, chic fashion trends. That being said, she didn't pair this delicious bubble gum dress with just any shoe — she paired it with flat slingback shoes that allow the dress and wearer to shine bright.


Chanel chic

We don't know about you, but the first thing we think of when we hear slingback shoes is Chanel. Specifically, we envision those gorgeous, vintage nude Chanel slingbacks with the iconic black toe tips. The best thing about them is many brands now have their own version, so you don't need to break the bank to get their elegant, old-style Parisian vibe.


To nail the look, pair these babies with a longer — maxi or midi — black slip dress. You can't get more classic than that, and a subtle embroidered shawl will keep you cozy on a breezy evening stroll.

For the streets (straight from the sheets)

Have you ever rolled out of bed in your cute slip dress, or even an oversized shirt and thought to yourself, "Could I pull this off as an outfit?" We're here to reassure you that the answer is yes. You can even wear them both, honestly — the result is oh-so dreamy.


The secret to pulling this off without looking like you forgot to get dressed in the morning is to pick the right shoe. Slingbacks provide that missing element of style and grace, as long as it matches your equally cute handbag. 

Evening slip gown

Speaking of dreamy slip dresses, we can't forget the allure of wearing a nice slip dress to a romantic evening dinner, especially if you're not the one paying. In other words, it's the cutest and most flattering date night choice and will enchant anyone into treating you to nothing but the best.


If you're going to do this right, take a page out of Hailey Bieber's book of style — the simpler, the better. Pick a muted color, like pastel yellow or baby pink, and go for white or nude slingbacks let the dress shine.

Creamy monochrome

Monochrome outfits flow in and out of style, but do you know which one-tone palette continues to be chic, despite the passing trends? Whites and beiges, of course. The cleanest of colors never go out of style, as they can be paired with virtually anything.


We suggest you choose an off-white or cream slip dress and go for something on the shorter side to avoid drowning yourself in your chosen color. Lastly, slip on your creamy slingback shoes and you're done. Heeled or flat, these shoes will elevate the outfit to angelic standards. 

Prints for sprints

Not many people go the way of prints when it comes to slip dresses. At most, they add a pop of color for the lace trim on the slip that sometimes lines the neck or hemline — never the actual satin or silk parts. But seriously, why is that? Prints, we say, are just as lovely and twice as fun as solid fabrics.


Animal prints are perfect for any night out or even for daily wear, and slip dresses are as comfortable as pajamas! Slide on your printed slip and favorite slingbacks to feel stylishly comfy for your weekly errand sprint. 

The bold choice

An even bolder choice than prints (if that's even possible) is the brightest red slip dress you can find. Don't worry, though — white or black slingbacks (wearer's choice) will tone things down so you can still feel grounded in elegance.


Just like lipstick, different shades of red dresses might be more or less complimentary on different skin tones, so be sure to try on a few options before you commit. Once you nail your shade of red, balance the brightness of the dress with square-toed white or black slingbacks for that unmistakable quiet luxury look.