Denim Ballet Flats Are The Cool Girl Way To Incorporate The Jean Trend Into Your Outfit

The balletcore fashion aesthetic has been taking over fashion and beauty in the 2020s, leading to daintier details, more bodysuits and skirts, and the return of the ballet flat. Then, we have the denim trend. From people ditching their leggings and trousers for every type of jean, including divisive skinny jeans, Y2K low-rise styles, baggy streetwear-inspired jeans, and every other jean we can think of, denim is everywhere in 2023 — it's even come for your manicure!

Do you enjoy the ballet-inspired aesthetic and the rise of denim? Then get the best of both worlds with denim ballet flats. While ballet flats that look denim might sound like an odd niche concept, they can look super cute. For instance, TikToker @catherine_lockhart posted a fun video of an ultra-trendy outfit with light baggy jeans and a sleeveless crop top complete with stylish accessories and pale blue denim-ish-looking ballet flats. We're already obsessed with this creative balletcore footwear trend!

Flaunt denim ballet flats with denim jeans

If you prefer the denim trend over the balletcore trend and want to rock denim ballet flats, wear them with jeans to embrace the denim aspect of the look. The jean pants will help the denim ballet flats look edgier and more casual while staying ultra-trendy. Bonus points if the denim shades match!

Add a denim jacket

Another way to add more denim to your ensemble is to wear a denim jacket with denim ballet flats. You can also add more balletcore by sporting a light pink skirt or dress under the denim jacket. Or, you may prefer a full-on denim look by wearing the jacket with denim jeans and flats.

Explore options with bold and unique details

Get more attention when wearing denim ballet flats by opting for a pair with embellishments! Some sparkly details will make them look more glamorous, while prints such as polka dots will stand out anywhere. Or, get denim ballet flats with bows to fully embrace the balletcore vibes.

Rock dark blue denim ballet flats

Many denim ballet flat examples seem to display lighter blue shades, but we can't forget about dark blue options. Dark denim jeans are typically the most flattering and versatile, and the same goes for dark denim ballet flats. Consider buying one dark and one light pair!

Experiment with fashion contrast

Yes, the blue ballet flats look great with denim jeans or balletcore pink skirts and dresses, but why not do something different and opt for more contrast? If you want a bolder look, wear your blue flats with yellow, orange, or red garments — such as trousers — for a unique and high-contrast ensemble.

Try faded denim looks for more of a ballerina sleaze vibe

Just because denim ballet flats take inspiration from balletcore, that doesn't mean they have to look prim and proper. The "messy girl" aesthetic is here to grunge up your look in 2023, so add some also-trendy grunge energy to your outfit with faded-looking denim ballet flats. After all, think of the ballerina sleaze looks on TikTok — we can't think of anything more on-brand with that micro-trend than faded denim ballet flats.