The Lavender Haze Look Has Come For Our Sunglasses, & It's The Dreamiest Vibe

As we welcome the summer season with open arms, we simultaneously look for summer fashion inspo from our favorite TikTokers and Instagrammers. These fashion gods and goddesses have embraced a timeless fashion trend everyone needs to try: sunglasses in lavender hues to give a lavender haze look that plays up a truly dreamy vibe (hot on the heels of the digital lavender summer fashion trend).

The trend charts show that sunglasses in both colorful and pastel hues are being embraced by fashionistas everywhere this summer, but a special place has been accorded to this particular shade. Sizes, shapes, embellishments, and frames may differ as per personal preference, but the basic premise of wearing sunnies that are lavender in color remains the same.

Do you find the trend a bit daunting to try? Trust us, once it's done right, this popular style of sunglasses looks on point and will help you turn heads wherever you go. We promise all you need is the right inspiration. 

Fun shapes and embellishments

Once you find a pair of sunglasses in the lavender shade of your choice, do not be afraid to experiment with different shapes and embellishments, too. How about trying a cloud-shaped pair with some hanging beads to mimic a rainy day? This unique pair is made to turn heads at festivals and during picnics in the park.

Accessories make your look

Do not worry about clashing colors if you choose to wear purple sunnies. Lavender goes with every color as long as you have the confidence to carry it off. Blue hair? Lavender sunglasses are the way to go. Pink pouty lips with a lip ring? Lavender is here for you again.

Try a mirrored effect for maximum impact

Lavender is certainly a great color to wear during the summer season, but we have another tip for you to take the look up a notch. Try and find a lavender pair of sunnies with a mirrored effect, and you'll be holiday ready in any part of the world.

Small, square frames for the win

Another way to try the lavender sunglasses trend is to look for a pair which features the color in both the lenses and the frames. You'll love it so much we guarantee you won't take them off anywhere — whether you're out and about or indoors!

Lavender on lavender is the way to go

You know what goes best with lavender? That's right, you guessed it — more lavender! Don't shy away from going all out with this lovely pastel shade by pairing it with an outfit in a matching color. Cool doesn't even begin to explain how good you'll look.