The Black Flame French Manicure Trend Is Key For A Fire Summer

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Summer nail trends often feature bright colors, but a black manicure is always a classic choice that never goes out of style. In fact, goth nails are mainstream again, along with grungy black polish like black leather nails and the black French manicure. Singer Rihanna, no stranger to nailing fabulous looks, has even pushed black flame nails into the spotlight by sharing her own version of the design on Instagram.

Next time you're at the salon for a French mani, don't be afraid to change it up with this fiery style. You can even do it yourself at home. Start by painting your nails with a nude or clear base and waiting for it to dry. Then, use a nail polish pen, toothpick, or a very thin nail polish brush to outline your flames. Fill in the flames with your favorite black polish and seal it with a top coat. If you're short on time or unable to paint the thin outline, you can use black flame nail stickers instead. There are many ways to achieve this memorable summer look, and we hope to inspire you to try it out.

Outline with a different color

You can either keep this manicure all black or really accentuate those flames by outlining them with a different shade. Use white polish for a neutral palette, and go for bold neon outlines if you want to add a pop of color for a little summer sizzle. 

Leave the flames unfilled

If you love negative space French manicures, these tips are perfect for you. Start with a clear coat as the base and let it dry. Then, paint the outline on top of it. This gives the manicure a more minimalistic look and it saves you the extra step of filling in the flames.

Black flames on pink base

You can choose to have a nude or clear base under your flames, or add a splash of color. Any color works, but this hot pink look is a fun twist on the trend (and just in time for the new Barbie movie). You could also give your nails a black base and then paint the flames in a bright color. 

Flames on short nails

Although French manicure styles are often associated with longer nails, this trend can work for any nail length. You may need to paint smaller flames to ensure you have enough room. Consider adding this option to your list of short nail designs for your next manicure.