Coastal Cowgirl Nails: The Manicure Trend Bringing The Wild West Into 2023

There is nothing wilder than incorporating the coastal cowgirl trend into your next manicure. For those who don't know, House Beautiful describes it as the coastal grandmother with a rustic twist. The best way to do this and really capture the aesthetic is to channel your inner Western Barbie. Many celebrities have tried the trend, including Kendall Jenner and Ariana Grande.

Not only is this great as a style trend for fashion, but it would look amazing incorporated into your next manicure. The coastal cowgirl aesthetic brings the wild west to your nails with a feminine spin. That includes wearing cow print, pink, florals, and an array of designs to choose from. They can be worn all year long and still look on trend. Luckily, there isn't one specific way to show off this set of nails. Here are some ideas to keep in mind when going for the coastal cowgirl look.

Make it French

Everybody loves a good French tip, so it makes sense to want to incorporate it with the coastal cowgirl nails. To do so, go about the French line as usual. Once you have your white tips, don't stop there. Instead, add a few black spots to make cow prints. To generate a seamless look, don't draw the tip too perfectly. In other words, let it be a little asymmetrical.

Mix the colors around

While we all know what cow print traditionally looks like, feel free to get creative. Consider switching up the colors on your hands to create a unique and interesting look. In fact, to make your manicure pop out a little more, use a clear or sheer pink base.

Add a touch of pink

If you're looking for Barbiecore nail ideas for a doll-lightful summer manicure, this is one way to do it. Incorporating baby pink into your coastal cowgirl manicure allows you to channel your inner Western Barbie in the best way possible. To get the look, add baby pink nail polish to most of the nails, and once it's cured, incorporate cow print. 

Embrace the floral

If you're going for a softer look, consider adding florals to your next manicure set. After all, florals can be done in several ways, including hand painting them on the nail or using acrylic. However, for this particular aesthetic, the best way to go about it is mixing some floral with cow print for a fun combination.

Go with short nails

If acrylic is not your thing, try cow prints on your natural nails. Depending on the size of your nail plate, the cow design may need to be smaller, but they can still look fabulous. So, whether you make cow print your statement nail or have all nails covered, don't be afraid to strunt your short cow print nails with confidence. 

Fade into cowprint

If you want to kick the ombré nail trend up a notch, get an ombré cow print nail. While it might sound wild, this is a twist on the classic baby boomer nails we all know and love. The best way to do this is to use two different acrylic colors instead of nail polish.