Strawberry Lemonade Nails Are The Sweetest Summer 2023 Manicure Trend

It's no secret that if there's any core aesthetic dominating all of summer 2023's trends, it's Barbiecore. The release of Greta Gerwig's adaptation of the iconic doll has fans scrambling to adopt Barbie's aesthetic in everything from hair to fashion choices, and yes, even manicures. If it's even remotely Barbie-esque, there's a good chance we're seeing it everywhere, as is the case with the trend we're swooning over today: strawberry lemonade nails. 

Yes, Barbie's signature color is pink, but her iconic bright yellow rollerblades are also inextricably tied into the Barbie aesthetic, so it only makes sense that pink and yellow manicures are all the rage this summer. Whether you opt for a mani that looks like actual strawberry lemonade or you use the colors to give your own spin on it, we wouldn't be surprised if you've already headed to the salon for a strawberry lemonade mani makeover. On the other hand, if this is your first time hearing about the trend and you're already adopting Barbiecore in all its forms, a strawberry lemonade manicure is probably the perfect nail trend for you.

Turn them into pop art

Whether you want to strictly pay homage to Barbie herself or you want to use the colors to honor another meaningful icon, a fun take on the strawberry lemonade manicure comes with pop art nails. Personally, we'd love to see a comic book Barbie painted on your nails, and we'd be surprised if you didn't get endless compliments on them.

Give them a groovy twist

If you've been all about the recent comeback of '70s trends, go ahead and incorporate some of the aesthetic's popular swirls into your Barbiecore mani. You could do a pink base with yellow swirls, a yellow base with pink swirls, or a pink and yellow base with white swirls. However you do it, we're sure Barbie would be proud. 

Give them some designer glam

Do you have a favorite luxury brand that you like to sport whenever possible? If so, use a strawberry lemonade manicure as an opportunity to showcase your favorite designer, like the Chanel-inspired nails above. However you do it, a nice coat of sparkle is key to oozing glam, and be sure to get your designer's logo painted on an accent nail. 

Indulge in tropical vibes

Have you been a fan of this summer's other nostalgic style trend, the coconut girl aesthetic? If so, use your strawberry lemonade manicure as an opportunity to embody the coconut girl aesthetic, as well. Pink and yellow make for a great tropical mani base, and from there, you can add some art of any tropical-inspired designs you'd like, from palm leaves and palm trees to even a small ocean-scape. 

Give them some confetti

Maybe you're a gal who's all about the party, and you need to channel that aesthetic every time you get your nails done. If that sounds like you, when you go to the salon for your strawberry lemonade nails, get them done in neon colors — and if that's not enough, add some confetti on top. 

Play with abstract designs

Want a strawberry-lemonade inspired mani that nobody else will have? DIY it and come up with fun, abstract designs for each nail. Whether you stick to pink and yellow or incorporate other colors is up to you — however you do this one, have fun with it, and you'll end up with a manicure that's sure to be stunningly unique. 

Or marble them with orange

Personally, we've been obsessed with the '70s-inspired lava lamp nail trend, and we love the above fun take on it. If plain pink and yellow nails are a bit too blah for you, go ahead and marble them together (and maybe even include some orange in the mix) to give yourself an ultra groovy take on the strawberry lemonade mani. 

Do an ombré fade

Or maybe you're a simpler gal who likes to exude some class in everything she does. When that's the case, a no-nonsense ombré strawberry lemonade manicure could be perfect for you. Keep it subtle by opting for a lemon yellow and light pastel pink, or amp it up a notch by going for neon shades. 

Make them Spongebob themed

Who are pink and yellow and live in a pineapple and a rock under the sea? Our favorite underwater cartoon characters Spongebob and Patrick, of course! If you're still a child at heart (aren't we all?) and you like to inject childlike nostalgia into everything you wear, including your nails, go ahead and make your strawberry lemonade mani an homage to Spongebob. 

Combine it with other bright pastels

If just plain pink and yellow aren't your thing, don't worry — you can still sport a subtle version of the strawberry lemonade manicure. Maybe you're a fan of bright pastels in general. If so, paint each nail a different bright pastel color; just make sure to add both pink and yellow into the mix. 

Do a strawberry lemonade French tip design

Have you been a fan of the recently-trending colorful French manicure? If so, we think it looks great when combined with the strawberry lemonade manicure trend. If bold and bright is your speed, opt for a hot pink and mustard yellow, as in the photo above. However, pastels or neon shades would also make a stunning bright French strawberry lemonade mani. 

Place some decals and gold leaf foil on top

The great thing about strawberry lemonade nails is that they can be done in many different ways. To really make this trend your own, opt for gradient colors that transition across each finger, and consider adding some edgy decals on top, like smudge marks and gold leaf foil.

Make them look like a sparkly sunset

Maybe you're loath to ever say goodbye to summer. Honestly, we don't blame you. When that's the case, keep the summer vibes going for a little while longer by combining a strawberry lemonade mani with a sunset design. You'll probably want to incorporate some glitter polishes into the mix, and a palm tree landscape on the tip of your nail ties the whole vibe together. 

Harley Quinn makes for a good strawberry lemonade muse

Ironically enough, another great character to pay homage to with a strawberry lemonade-inspired mani is Harley Quinn, also famously portrayed by Margot Robbie, star of "Barbie." Fans of both characters will instantly catch on to the double meaning behind this mani, and it's a stunning, campy take on the trend that you're not likely to see anyone else sporting. 

Make them smiley

If you're full to the brim with joy and want to embody that in your strawberry lemonade manicure, go ahead and paint your nails with a pink base. Then, top them off with yellow smiley faces. This is a fun take on the strawberry lemonade manicure that is guaranteed to inject a dose of happiness into the room.