Steal Barbie's Look On A Budget: The Pink Coastal Cowgirl Outfit

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Greta Gerwig's "Barbie" has turned July into a hot pink fever dream, and while some of the Barbie-inspired looks are not so fantastic, you can still join in on the fun and discover fresh twists on Barbie style. One of the best Barbie looks that takes you beyond the basic hot pink fare comes straight out of the film: coastal cowgirl Barbie.

The coastal cowgirl aesthetic has been making its way through the trend cycles for a hot minute now — it consists of a whimsical blend of a beachy, laid-back vibe with a western-style overtone. Margot Robbie sports a fabulous coastal cowgirl look in "Barbie," complete with a cowgirl hat. When it comes to on-theme Barbie outfits that feel relevant and original, coastal cowgirl Barbie checks all the right boxes. And the best part is, you don't have to spend that much money to recreate your own version of the style. All you need are a few affordable pieces and a spunky, confident attitude to complete the look.

Think pink

Margot Robbie's outfit features a cropped hot pink waistcoat and hot pink flare pants. While it'd be challenging to find perfect copies of these pieces, you won't have any trouble shopping for clothing items that match the spirit of the look.

Your easiest option is a jumpsuit — look for one with wide legs, a curve-hugging waist, and a sleeveless top. The closer the jumpsuit is to the cowgirl Barbie silhouette, the better, like ASOS' Miss Selfridge Satin Halter Wide Leg Jumpsuit, which has been discounted to $35.20 at the time of writing. Note that while it isn't a perfect match, it helps to mimic the overall feeling of the original outfit, plus it has great re-wear potential for future non-Barbie events.

Alternatively, you can follow the original Barbie outfit more closely and opt for a top and pants. Experiment with a coordinating set, like the Impressive Aesthetic Hot Pink Wide-Leg Two-Piece Jumpsuit from Lulus, or assemble your own. Aim for something with Western flair if you're committed to the cowgirl energy. This Verdusa Women's Single Breasted Sleeveless V Neck Vest Jacket Waistcoat from Amazon, for example, is an affordable approximation of the one worn by Robbie in the film. Finally, for pants, your two general options for inexpensive but stylish pink flare pants will be either denim bell bottoms, like the Anna-Kaci Women's Classic Retro High Waist Long Denim, or, to evoke Barbie's magic sparkle, glittery stretch pants, such as this pair from Amazon.

White statement boots

You should never overlook your shoes when planning an outfit, but skimping on the shoes for a Barbie ensemble is a cardinal sin. For coastal cowgirl Barbie, you'll need to look for white boots. Margot Robbie's rendition of the aesthetic includes white high-heeled cowgirl boots with silver detailing. You won't necessarily find an exact recreation of those shoes when shopping on a budget, but you will have lots of options for white knee-high western boots.

For a simple choice, check out these white cowgirl boots on Amazon. The originally listed $99.99 price is on the higher end for a low-budget outfit, but they're a classic rendition of a western boot that will elevate the entire look. Another option is the ASOS Design Catapult Heeled Western Knee Boots in White Croc, which bring some of the sexy height and mod vibes that are quintessential to any Barbie aesthetic.

Finally, to take a brief step away from the tried-and-true cowgirl boot, we'd like to make the case for a white platform boot, such as the wetkiss Stacked Platform Knee High Boots on Amazon. A platform boot is hot and edgy, and wearing something slightly different from the original outfit helps you take more creative ownership and create a style that really stands out. Besides, platform shoes have a campiness that feels so perfect for Barbie.

Don't forget your cowgirl hat

And now, for the real star of a coastal cowgirl Barbie outfit: the cowgirl hat. Generally speaking, any cheap white or pink cowgirl hat will do if you're trying to assemble an affordable 'fit. Search for a hat on Amazon or at a dollar store, and you'll get plenty of results. As you probably won't be wearing a cowgirl hat every day, it's wise to choose something cheap for the hat and save the money for the boots or the shirt and pants set.

The bulk of the ensemble is already hot pink, so a white cowgirl hat like this wool version on Amazon will give your outfit a nice pop and prevent you from looking like a pink highlighter. That one will only set you back $29.99, at the time of writing. If a solid white hat feels bland, you can brighten it up by adding a pink accent ribbon. You can also spring for the hats with more decoration, such as hats with feathers or sparkles, but the true coastal cowgirl Barbie aesthetic is more relaxed. While the outfit can be bold, you should exercise moderation on individual pieces, since everything in combination will ultimately be quite the fashion statement.

A bandana and earrings complete the look

Barbie knows how to accessorize, and coastal cowgirl Barbie is no exception. To get a Barbie outfit that feels polished and intentional, pay attention to your accessories. The two central accessories for this ensemble are a bandana around the neck and some sparkly silver earrings. The bandana is probably the easiest item to get for this outfit — any pink paisley bandana will do, and you might already have one at home. And if you don't, this affordable Amazon bandana comes in an excellent shade of Barbie pink.

The earrings are more of a subjective choice. The images of Margot Robbie's cowgirl Barbie outfit don't clearly show the earrings, but they appear to be dangly silver tassels, possibly with stars at the top. To get something similar, we recommend these Amazon pave crystal earrings, selling for $10.99 at the time of writing, which are spot-on for a coastal cowgirl aesthetic. As a bonus, they come in several colors, so if you aren't a silver jewelry girly, you can go for the gold version instead. That said, you can really get creative with the earrings, and any eye-catching jewelry with a hint of western vibes will help bring it all together.

Coastal cowgirl Barbie is sporty, sexy, and an overall fun way to embrace the Barbie zeitgeist. And if you need a Barbie outfit on a Barbie-sized budget, it could be the ideal aesthetic to get you inspired.