'Rose Water Nails': The Coquette-Inspired Manicure Trend For Fans Of Minimalist Manis

While we love variations of neutral manis in taupes and nudes, there's something about the pale, muted pink 'rose water' mani that has us majorly swooning. The classic, ethereal, feminine energy of this particular hue is timeless and chic — and stands on its own next to the strawberry milk nail trend. The understated mani isn't loud or boastful, but it captivates nonetheless. "What I love about this trend is that you can decide if you want a lighter pink, added sparkle, or a chrome finish to really make this nail look personalized," Deborah Lippmann, a celebrity manicurist and founder of the eponymous nail brand, told PopSugar. The manicure itself is simple enough to replicate at home, but of course, there's nothing quite like a professional polish at the salon.

Suitable for all nail lengths as well as subtle embellishments, the rose water manicure has a hint of warmth to it, making the trend delightful for the summer months. And its resemblance to a zen scene of rose petals floating on serene water simply can't be beaten.

Square and glossy

These glossy, square rose water nails are the epitome of the classic style. The watery, luminescent hue of the rose water trend truly is a match for just about every vibe. We're loving the versatility when it comes to this color and nail shape — it's beyond gorgeous and the ultimate in minimalist fashion. 

Bright and bubbly

The fun thing about this manicure trend is the many shades of rose pink you can dip into and achieve a subtle, yet glamorous look each time. We're getting floral Barbiecore manicure energy from this brighter rose water tint and loving the look for summer — and beyond, to be perfectly honest.


Since the rose water manicure can step in as a versatile neutral in some respects, adorning your manicure with embellishments is totally natural. This bolder retro-inspired rose water look is energetic, fun, and flirty — which we are fully on board for. Try it out the next time you're craving something with a little bit more of a pop.

Timelessly fair

On the lighter end of the rose water spectrum, we have this creamy, pale pink which is a total winner when it comes to neutrals and choosing a mani that'll match just about everything. Elegant, timeless, and truly versatile when it comes to your summer wardrobe, this mani is one for the books.

Short and active

Bright and cheery with a more solid tone, the rose water mani variations just keep on coming. This leaves ample room for your minimalist dreams to soar high and far. Short and rounded for ease and practicality, this vibe is perfect for an active summer schedule and would look excellent in any of the milder rose water shades also.

Bubblegum fun

Bordering on bubblegum pink with a sheer translucent tone, this rose water manicure says fun in the sun like nothing else really can. Flirty, frisky, and free — this short, rounded manicure is a brighter take on the trend and couldn't be cuter. Try it out the next time you stop into your nail salon for the ultimate pink rose experience.

Pretty in pink

With a sparkling glint, these rosy pink nails are the perfect vibe for summer nights, evenings out, beach days, weekend adventures, and romantic dates. We're loving the feminine flirtiness of this look and the ready-for-anything vibe this manicure effortlessly exudes. Don't dismiss youthful rose water pink the next time you're in the nail salon.

Elegance and grace

Classic, elegant, and timeless, this pale pink rose water manicure on longer, almond-shaped nails has us over the moon with heart eyes. There's nothing sweeter and more feminine than this and we're all lined up to claim this energy. Chic, simple, and classy — the rosewater manicure is likely going to stick around for a while.

Adorable adornments

With what is possibly the most swoon-worthy embellishment of all time, these nails could not be sweeter. Subtle, soft, and effortlessly ethereal — this manicure takes the cake when it comes to the trend with fluffy, little clouds adorning the already beautiful manicure. This one is truly for the romantic at heart.