'Spritz Nails' Are Our Favorite Bright & Fizzy Summer Manicure

While many people may be hyperfocused on a sparkly pink Barbiecore mani this summer, it's not the only eye-catching color to try on our nails this season. Spritz nails, named after the bright and bubbly orange drink the Aperol Spritz, are a refreshing alternative for those who want to think outside the pink box. Besides that, who doesn't love an Aperol Spritz? It's a cool, bubbly, and eye-popping bright summer drink, not to mention it can make a great signature nail look, too.

Many different shades of orange can fall under the "spritz" umbrella, from a pale peach to a deep red-orange and many hues in between. That said, the most common shade many may think of when they hear the word spritz is a deep but bright blood orange. If you want your next mani to be energizing and fun, the spritz mani might be just the right summer manicure for you.

Glittery multi-shade spritz

A spritz mani should be a mandatory manicure for all nail polish (and spritz) lovers this summer. For those who can't get enough of glitter, tossing a little sparkle into the mix is a no-brainer. Even though an Aperol Spritz might not literally be glittery, it has a certain bubbliness and effervescence that can totally be expressed through a splash of sparkle.

Orange art spritz nails

If you're always hunting for new ways to take your manicures to the next level or would simply like to try something a little unexpected when it comes to nail art, then trying some orange art is a cute and juicy fruit-inspired nail option. Oranges make this Aperol mani a little more literal and also add some youthful charm to your nail look.

Bejeweled spritz

Who doesn't love a little bling? If you want to go beyond a basic spritz mani, tossing some gems on your nails can be a great way to accomplish just that. Not only is this a playful summer look, but some gems can also make it a bit more bougie for all the super glam girlies, too.

Skittle spritz

Skittle manis are always fun, so why not add some spritz into the mix? Whether you try out different shades of spritz orange and peach or use a whole kaleidoscope of colors, this mani has so much variety and can be easily customized to your exact tastes. A skittle mani can also be a great way to try multiple trending shades at once, like matcha green or blueberry milk blue.

Cat's eye spritz

A cat's eye spritz is a cool way to try out a trend that can easily be carried into the fall months. Holographic and magnetic nail polish are absolutely dazzling, and they can add extra oomph to your spritz mani. Not only are they scintillating to look at during the summer, but a dramatic orange cat's eye manicure will look great in the fall, too, especially with some long, witchy nails.

Fade-out spritz

A fade-out spritz, which could also be called an ombré spritz, is a simple way to use more shades in your manicure. By blending different shades of yellow, peach, and orange, you can bring more interest and dimension to your manicure. Not only that, but it can be a relatively easy effect to try at home.

Spritz with squiggles

Abstract swirl designs and squiggles are making more and more appearances in trendy manicures. These shapes are fun, and just a few swerved lines can bring a lot of interest to a basic manicure. There are lots of options when it comes to how to incorporate them, too. You can do white, black, or metallic squiggles on a spritz shade or paint one nail in a different color and add spritz-colored swerves to that nail.

Solid spritz nails

If you like to keep things simple, a solid spritz mani is the way to go. While there are many interesting options with this manicure, a solid shade of this bold, deep orange is powerful all on its own. Whether you keep your nails short or long, it's got a lot of impact. With a solid mani, you might benefit from spending some extra time picking your exact shade. An orange with more yellow undertones will look great on warmer skin tones, while a spritz that leans more red may be better for cooler skin tones.

Spritz and gold

Spritz orange and gold is an exciting and fiery color combo that can heat up your summer mani color palette. Not only is it bold and attention-getting, but it also has a classic elegance to it, too. There are also a lot of different directions you can take this color combo. Gold flakes or glitter can make fun additions, as can alternating orange and gold nails or adding some gold foil or marbling.

Matte spritz

For those that want a look that's even more subtle than a simple solid spritz, a matte spritz can be a cute and subdued twist on this summery style. This is especially true if you go with a more pastel, peachy shade of matte spritz. It's feminine, delicate, and downright classy, too.

Bold spritz

There are lots of different shades of orange that could be considered spritz nails. However, if you want a look that's really attention-getting, you might want to opt for a deep, bright, and super-bold shade of blood orange. This color is super energizing and exciting. No embellishment is needed to stand out when you choose a shade of spritz that is highlighter bright but also has a pinch of depth and darkness.

Swirly bubbly spritz

What is more reminiscent of the fizzy, fun drink than some swirls and bubbles? This manicure is a cute way to copy the spirit of this drink exactly, in nail art form. By swirling different shades of yellow, orange, and peach, you can create an intriguing base of color. Top it off with different colored dots in different sizes and patterns, and you'll finish off this layered look. While giving off a complex vibe, it can be a fairly simple manicure to do.

Coffin nail spritz

Coffin nails are a classic, and if you get a lot of manicures in that shape, you've probably tested them out in a million other colors — so why not try spritz? On a long coffin-shaped nail, this color can look elegant and command attention, particularly if you have a fizzy cold Aperol Spritz in your hand.

Ombré spritz nails

An ombré spritz is another cute way to combine multiple trends. Ombré nails are as in now as they ever were, and they can look especially charming and summery when done in different shades of spritz. Starting with pale peach or yellow and deepening the shades to bold orange can be both fun and striking.

Flaky jelly spritz

A flaky jelly spritz can be a nice way to try out different textures and types of nail polish all at once. Jelly nail polish is a buildable textured polish that can have a shiny, somewhat glassy finish. Jelly textures are super hot, and flaky nail polish is, too. Some bold gold flakes in a jelly polish can be both subtle and exciting and can bring a lot of interest to a basic spritz mani.

French tip spritz

French tips have been around forever and have gone in and out of style plenty of times. Right now, French tips are incredibly trendy, especially if you can find new ways to make them fresh. Spritz tips can be a perfect way to do that during the summer months. You can also take it even further and go for ombré tips, too.

Side curve spritz

If you want just a hint of spritz but are a little tired of the typical French tips, a side-curve swipe of color might do the trick. With a slim line of this spritzy shade painted in a smooth curve starting from the bottom, along the side, and to the center of the top of your nail, you can incorporate a little pop of color in a new and eye-catching way.