The Newest Mullet Trend Is The Edgiest Haircut Of The Season

From the wolf cut to the trendy shullet, we've seen many variations of the love-it-or-hate-it mullet hairstyle over the years — and the newest trend is full of bold beauty and on the leading edge when it comes to the style. Characterized by baby bangs, longer sideburns, and a ton of texture, the look is known as the 'punklet' and we can totally see why. This cut embodies the unique, rebellious, go-against-the-grain, and eye-catching vibe we all know and love when it comes to shorter mullet cuts.

Worn to perfection by celebrities like Kristen Stewart, the punklet is versatile and can be styled in various ways given its messy, piecey texture. The look will likely require regular maintenance and trims due to the amount of definition it has and how it tightly frames the face. Not to mention those baby bangs, which tend to call out for love and attention as well as some styling tools. Will the punklet be your hairdo of choice on your next venture to the hair salon?

Warm golden hues

Is this not the most perfect punklet, with its warm golden hues and pristine baby bangs? We're all about this look and the creative avenues to play around with coloring, texture, precision, and length. This style simply glows with personal expression and is a fun, unique style to completely give your heart to.

Short and sweet

A shorter and tighter take on the punklet, this iteration of the style in a rose pink hue has us totally swooning. With a shorter tail and shorter sideburns, this punklet is full of spiky texture. A go-to product when it comes to the punklet, a little texturizing cream will hold this style perfectly in place.

Divine volume

Full of life and volume, this punklet has earned all the heart eyes from us. With longer sides and sweeping layers, this cut has a lot of density to work with when it comes to styling and you likely won't have to hold back much when channeling your creative energy.

Whimsical and wispy

This perfectly wispy punklet is what dreams are made of. With some major pixie cut elements, we're loving the feel of this shorter punklet, from the bang to the back. All of the fun and none of the hassle, this look is definitely one for the books and we can see why it's the edgiest haircut of the season.

Sleek and chic

Sleek, dark perfection — this punklet is a true winner. And while we totally love the longer sideburns we've been seeing on the punklets, it definitely can fly without them too. The baby bangs are what make this look iconic and we just can't get over the darling vibes they exude.