Bronzed Ruby Is The Trendiest Red Nail Color For Fall 2023

With various shade options, red nails are a staple of every season. Bright red-orange hues are often used in the spring and summer, while deeper maroon tones make their appearance in the fall and winter months. At the top of the trendiest red nail list for fall 2023, however, is bronzed ruby. And while we're still in the summer mood of enjoying our strawberry lemonade nails, it's never too early to start planning your autumn stylings. With its perfect dark red color using hints of orange, brown, and yellow, bronzed ruby is the ideal transitional color for fall.

With fall comes change: colder weather, warmer outfits accompanied by warmer beverages, and the turning leaves. So why not change your nail color to something that screams fall? Bronzed ruby is elegant and moody, channeling everything that makes up autumn. When you're having difficulty deciding which ruby shade to pick, always go for the darkest hue. A classic solid red nail never misses, but if you prefer something more extravagant, there are multiple ways to make your bronzed ruby nails stand out.

Full bronzed ruby set

When you're getting your nails done or doing them at home, you'll want to use ruby nail polish and pieces of foil to create the sparkly effect. Rubies glisten in the light, so red diamond foil pieces encased in the red gel color are vital to make them shine. Simply add a coat of red gel polish to your nails, cure them, add the foil bits on top, then add another layer of red gel polish and cure again. Finish off with a top coat and watch how they sparkle.

Marble ruby nails

Switch out the diamond foil with a marble effect to achieve subtle nail elegance. For the marble look, you can use black polish to paint thin, messy lines across your nails. It still feels like autumn with the red polish while the black marble gives your nails a moody look. This style is excellent for the beginning of fall when things start to change, before diving deep into the thick of the season.

Classic ruby nails

Sometimes a classic solid ruby look is all you need. Solid red nails will always be stylish and can make any outfit look luxurious. However, ensure that you use a deep ruby tone for fall — you can't go wrong with a simple-yet-gorgeous classic set. If you want to elevate the look, add a couple of gems to each nail or your middle and ring fingers. On the other hand, channel your inner rockstar persona and take part in the cuticle chains trend for an edgier appeal.

Accent ruby nails

If you prefer having a few accent nails with a solid nail set, add the red diamond foil to a couple of your nails to make them stand out. Paint the rest of your nails a solid red color, preferably the shade you used as your base for the red diamond foil. The accent nails add a subtle glimmer effect, but the overall set is elegant and sophisticated, perfect for fall.

Matte ruby nails with an earthy design

If you're a matte nail girly, opt for a matte ruby look. The matte look enriches the deep red tone, making them great for fall. Add an earthy design to a couple of your nails, like vines with multi-colored dots. You can also add autumn leaves or anything that gets you in the mood for fall. Use earthy tones like brown and yellow in your designs to stick to the autumn color palette.