Cuticle Chains: The Nail Trend Giving Manicures A Touch Of Texture

Manicures influenced by minimalism have been growing ever more popular, with trends like colorblocking and modern takes on the traditional French manicure taking hold of celebrity circles, social media posts, and nail salons and DIY at-home nail treatments alike. Instead of emphasizing color and designs on the tips of nails while leaving a nude or neutral majority palette on the rest, the latest trend is to focus on the cuticles. While proper cuticle care has always been essential, innovative nail designs are now elevating the aesthetic of cuticles with fashions all their own. 

Nail fashion has been a global collaboration, with 3-D manicures becoming a booming style not only in South Korea but also abroad, for instance. This has now expanded to include cuticle designs and accessories. With rimmed manicures, minimalist touches of color, and the occasional rhinestone or glittering accouterment having come into vogue, it's now time for cuticle chains to take center stage.

Cuticle chains are a hint of dazzle for minimalist manicures

Cuticle chains can take form in many ways, with chains of varying lengths made from various materials. From utilizing rhinestones to tiny beads to stickers — or whatever your heart and nails desire — you can fashionably design your cuticles and take them from understated and neglected to glamorous, all without sacrificing your chicness. This example shows that you really can have it all, offering a slightly maximalist take on the neutral mani. 

Go for an ultra-minimalist look with single finger cuticle accoutrements

On the other hand, if you prefer an ultra-minimalist look, opt for a naked manicure with subtle rhinestone cuticle chains on one or two fingers. Using negative space is one way to make the most of minimalist nail designs, like those accompanied by cuticle chains and other minuscule adornments. A clear base coat pairs perfectly with the slight sparkle offered by the cuticle chain.

Rhinestones, metals, stickers, and more for maximalist nails!

Choose over-the-top, 3-D designs with cuticle chains on every finger for a more fun take. You can choose from rhinestones, literal chains of metal cut into smaller pieces and adhered with nail glue, stickers, or any other element you like. You could also incorporate cuticle cuffs, the cuticle equivalent of French tips. Rock cuticle chains with trends like ombré designs, thermal color-changing polish choices, and metallics galore for the ultimate nail ensemble.

Dangling half-chain

Like any nail design, you can always put your own unique spin on it — and you should! This one is for the babes who like a little extra drama, as this style of cuticle chain will be catching people's attention even more than traditional cuticle chains due do its inherent movement as a string of dangling beads or pearls.

Pearls are having their moment in contemporary cuticle chain style

Remember "Gossip Girl," the TV show that showcased the wealth and prestige of Manhattan's most affluent and privileged teenagers? They were all decked out in cashmere scarves, designer ensembles, and pearls galore, and if you're inspired by the preppy style that's crept back onto the scene, such as yacht fashion, you might be interested in trying a pearl cuticle chain for a subtle and elegant statement. 

Pre-designed faux nails and acrylic options make application seamless

Acrylics can be an especially good option for cuticle chain designs. This is because the precise application of cuticle accessories is important to avoid getting glue or adhesives stuck on your skin, which can be painful to remove, but you don't have to worry about that here. Plus, you can take the time to search for a set online that you'll truly adore.