'Dirty Martini Nails' Are The Next Big Manicure Trend Of 2023

If you're a fan of green, there is nothing more stunning than "dirty martini nails." The look takes your favorite drink, which is traditionally served with one or three olives, and brings a sultry vibe to your next manicure. Chrome beauty is having a huge moment, and dirty martini nails are the perfect way to capture its charm. To get this nail look, simply take an olive-green color and apply it to your nails. From there, apply a chrome powder over the polish to create a beautiful metallic effect. According to Fairy Glamor, chrome powder is made from aluminium and comes in a myriad of colors.

What makes this color so amazing is it's a perfect transitional shade. Dirty martini green can be worn during any season and look good, no matter what your style is. Whether you like simple nails or want them loaded with charms and glitter, dirty martini nails can be perfect for anyone.

Let your martini nails shine with textured chrome

If you're looking to upgrade your classic dirty martini green, consider creating a beautiful 3D design with a textured pattern. To get the effect above, simply opt for one nail on each finger to be textured, which you can achieve by dabbing a brush or sponge on the fresh color, and then keep the rest of the nails smooth.

Make it French

If you are looking for outside-the-box French manicure ideas to remix the classic look, dirty martini green is the way to go. Adding the chrome color is an easy way to upgrade the usual French tip to something a little more exciting, while still keeping the nail simple.

Dip your nails in dirty martini green

Moving up a step up from the traditional French tip, make things even more interesting with a chrome liquid effect for your tips. This is traditionally done using gold but would look amazing using a metallic shade of green. To get the effect, use builder gel to create the melted martini you always wanted.

Add a fun charm

To add an extra flare to your nails, place a charm of your choice on your chrome manicure, or French manicure. There are so many different options for charms to choose from, including hearts, stars, and even crosses. These are particularly effective when worn with long nails that have a lot of surface area to work with. 

Pair with slime green

To create a pop of color, add a design using slime green nail polish. Adding this electric color brings a multidimensional effect that would catch anyone's attention. After placing the color on your nails, use the slime green shade to create an abstract design of your choice.