Barbiecore Jelly Nails Combine The Summer's Biggest Trends

Are we all enjoying our hot pink summer? We owe it all to a certain iconic childhood doll. Thank you, Barbie! Her style has permeated most beauty and fashion trends this season, and our inner child couldn't be more excited. Plus, Barbiecore has gained even more traction following the release of the long-awaited Greta Gerwig movie, making pink almost exclusively the color of the summer. 

All that's left is to embrace the time that remains this season and make the most of the current nail trends so we can feel like our best (and pinkest) selves. How? Barbiecore jelly nails. So, do you want to know how else to incorporate pink, hot pink, magenta, fuchsia, and all the shades of pink into your look? It's as simple as taking the hottest nail styles and making them pink. Jelly? Don't be! Try them for yourself, with some much-needed jelly shine.

Hot pink on hot pink

There's nothing quite like a daring, monochrome hot pink French manicure to boost your mood. It's life-changing, and so Barbie-coded. While you could play it safe and go for a neutral base with just a pop of hot pink on the tips, we suggest fully embracing Barbiecore. Hot pink on hot pink is our most recent obsession, and we think you'll love it. Simply pick one shade of pink jelly polish for the base and top it off with a hot pink tone on the tips. And don't forget lots of glossy top coat.

Glossy pink chrome

Chrome nails have been everywhere lately, and we're not upset about it. In fact, we adore the trend for our fellow pink lovers who are always on the lookout for new ideas to incorporate into their style. Pink with chrome? Yes, please! If you're a pink girl yourself, you need to try this one. Most nail salons carry chrome powders these days, so simply ask your nail tech for a neutral pink base with a pink chrome finish. If you want that wet look to go with all that shine (you know, just for good measure), add a jelly-gloss top coat.

Barbie pink and that's it

Yes, all pink jelly nails (Barbie pink, to be precise) are definitely an option. You don't need intricate designs or eye-catching color combinations, as sometimes one good shade of nail polish is all you need to match every outfit (assuming your whole closet is pink — isn't everyone's?). Many brands, including OPI, are coming out with Barbie-inspired shades of nail polish following the release of the "Barbie" movie. It's never been easier to be a hot-pink girl. Get yourself one of these drugstore brands' pink polishes and DIY the look whenever you want.

Y2K Barbie

The turn of the 21st century was a great time for Barbie dolls, and it's oh-so nostalgic for those of us who grew up playing with them during Y2K. Why not bring some of that joy back with throwback nail trends? Jelly nails and holographic butterfly cutouts, anyone? Yes, those sheer nail polish bottles with floating cutouts inside of them are still sold somewhere on the internet, but the alternative is just as good. Nail techs everywhere have nail stickers and accessories, so if you want this look done professionally, all you need to do is ask.

Glitter French

What's a Barbie without her glitter? Glitter makes most things better, as long as it remains contained in one place —as nail polish does. For this look, we recommend combining nail trends. Choose your favorite styles, such as jelly ómbre and French tips, and use pink colors with glitter accents. Who knew outlining French tips with glitter would be the answer to all our real-world problems? At least we'll allow our inner Barbie to think so.