Steal Barbie's Look On A Budget: The Iconic Rollerblading Outfit

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Throwback fashion is experiencing a revival and it's all thanks to Trendsetter Barbie. Discussions of the nostalgic, Barbiecore fashion aesthetic have dominated the internet in recent months, and it's no coincidence that some of the biggest brands are releasing their clothing pieces in hot pink. Embodying Barbie has gone far beyond picking out a doll-inspired look for attending the film. Bold colors and loud patterns have become the style of the summer.

The premiere of Greta Gerwig's "Barbie" movie saw many iconic pink carpet styles, but the most unforgettable look from the film came from a leak. In June 2022, a scene from "Barbie" required the cast to shoot publicly in Venice Beach. Soon after, photos and videos circulated on Instagram, featuring the film's stars in dramatic rollerskating getups.

While the outfits generated instant buzz, Margot Robbie found the experience embarrassing. "I can't tell you how mortified we were, by the way," the actor dished to Jimmy Fallon. "We look like we're, like, laughing, having fun ... but dying on the inside." Despite Robbie's discomfort, many people saw the scene as much-appreciated permission to embrace Barbiecore with an enthusiasm that's been pent-up for decades. While Robbie and Ryan Gosling may have lit the flame, fashionistas across the internet are proving that you don't need a Hollywood budget to rock these throwback looks.

Components of the Barbie skating look

The inspiration for Robbie and Gosling's skating 'fits is easy for Barbie fans to spot. Hot Skatin' Barbie, a 1994 release that can now be resold on Amazon for over $100, is having her live-action moment nearly 30 years after her debut. With a brightly patterned jumpsuit and neon green rollerskating accessories, her look is bold and fun.

Robbie and Gosling stayed true to Barbie's bold protective gear, donning neon kneepads, elbow guards, and wristbands. However, they swapped out her purple helmet for brightly patterned visors which, while certainly stylish, cannot be endorsed by Glam in terms of head protection. 

With all due respect to the "Barbie" movie's costume department, this fun look isn't too hard to recreate. As long as you're mentally prepared to rock uber-bold styles (and perhaps watch a few YouTube tutorials on rollerblading), Hot Skatin' Barbie is within reach. Best of all, you can create a budget-friendly version of her look. In fact, the original doll herself wasn't above a deal! Her box advertises that the doll doubles as an ice skater. We see you, BOGO Barbie!

Bold bodysuits on a budget

Thrift shops are a great place to start when searching for nostalgic wear. Nicola Coughlan, also known as Diplomat Barbie, showed on the pink carpet that sustainable fashion can be just as fun (but less "plastic fantastic"). Still, some pieces, like Barbie's form-fitting bodysuit, may be better to purchase new. Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable and stylish options to choose from.

The popularity of the "Barbie" movie has led some brands to fully embrace the doll's aesthetic, providing looks for costume parties, premieres, or raves. Rave Fix offers Barbie's entire look, including the bodysuit, bike shorts, and protective gear, for $69.00. Etsy sellers have also emerged with their own take on the iconic get-up, like this Malibu Tank Bodysuit which retails for $25.00.

If you're looking to pay homage, rather than recreate Barbie's look, you can lean into the bold colors of the original outfit and find athletic pieces that you feel confident in. Skims sells a form-fitting crop top in Barbie-approved hot pink and neon green for $48. With the quality reputation of this brand, this is a piece that could be reused beyond a one-off Barbie moment. For a bit more free-flowing skating action, you can opt for a classic vintage jumpsuit, like this bold $39.99 option from Amazon.

Skating Barbie's affordable accessories

Fortunately, it doesn't cost too much to be safe and sweat-free. Both Academy Sports and Dick's carry sweatbands in Barbie's signature pink. Even with the Nike logo, they can be sourced for as little as $5.00 — an unbeatably sporty slay.

If you're going for all-out authenticity, you'll also need to invest in some tall socks. After all, there's no pain in the Barbie World worse than rollerblade blisters. Cotton On stocks some hot pink options with subtle Barbie branding for $9.99. Alo Yoga's throwback socks, on the other hand, get closer to Robbie and Gosling's movie style, with a bold, highlighter yellow colorway for $24. For an even more affordable option, Adidas's six-pack of neon tall socks is only $20.

Rollerblades will always come with a heftier price tag when new, but you can find cheaper alternatives to Impala Skate's recreation of the iconic bright yellow "Barbie" rollerblades. If you want a neon color scheme similar to the one from the movie, you can't go wrong with FoxySkate's offering in Scandal Green with pink accents for $109.99 or these Cosmic Skates sold at Kohl's with a $79.99 price tag. Dick's carries a super cute purple and blue option for $99.99. Amazon's Moxi Skates are similarly priced, and you can't beat the rainbow laces! Our favorite, however, might have to be Asos's Daisy Street skates — complete with neon swirls and flowers. If ever there was a time to splurge, it'd be for these $122 beauties.