The Aura Manicure Trend Is Getting A Dramatic Update For Fall 2023

While we were head-over-heels for the lighter, angelic aura nails, perfected with pale pinks and glowing violets — as well as the neon aura nails — the trend is transitioning into autumn with a moodiness that has us eager for cooler weather and fall outfits to complement this seductive mani. Fit for a vampire in just about every regard, the darker aura manicure tends to feature black edges that fade into an illuminated center of red, blue, purple, green, or white — oh, and this trend was practically made for silver and gold embellishments. "Depending on the colors used as the base, the look may require more than one color to create a smooth transition," manicurist Nyah Nicole Mendoza told Allure.

Celestial bodies, snakes, or swords — you really can't go wrong in choosing to dress up this trend with some of your favorite symbols. These supernatural nails emanate a mystery we are totally swooning over. If you're looking for a new manicure trend to dive into for fall 2023, these ethereal nails are sure to please. Truly, the drama really says it all.

All that glitters is gold

With a foggy white edge, this black aura manicure has the ultimate mysterious fall vibe. While the aura manicure works beautifully with any nail shape, the almond nail truly has our hearts with this one. Perfectly glossy and glittering in all its moodiness, this one is definitely for the books.

Multi-colored moodiness

These nails have garnered all the heart eyes from us. With varying colored centers and a black-edged aura, this manicure is totally reminiscent of a true aura photograph, which we're big fans of. Beautifully glossy and eye-catching in every way, this is a great look to transition into the spooky season with.

Vampy and veiled

Whether you're a "Vampire Diaries," "Twilight," or "Interview with a Vampire" girlie, this red and black aura mani gives us major vampire inspo — it just really can't be beaten. The perfect deep red color surrounded by dark veiled edges is the look to have when October 31 rolls around. We're all about these classic spooky colors for this trend.

Midnight sky

This deep, dark black and purple aura manicure has all the drama we hope to emulate this fall. And with an extra long square shape, there's nothing subtle about this look, and that totally fits the bill for this trend. Moody, mysterious, and magical, these nails are exactly what we hope to see this autumn.

A silver lining

We may have saved the best for last when it comes to these sultry aura manicures. This sleek chrome edge has us hailing the trend even more — and the fade of black to pale blue? It's like looking into a crystal ball. Nothing beats this color scheme and the moodiness it evokes.